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ITT We "Tulpafy" Our Favorite Songs!
Like many communities and fanbases do, I want to see your favorite song(s) with "Tulpafied" lyrics, replacing some parts with Tulpamancy terms, such as "Forcing", "Tulpa", "Host", "Switch", "Impose", etc..., etc...

It doesn't have to be a whole song if you don't feel like it, or can't find a way to make the whole song work. For example: Adele's song "Hello":

"Hello from the outside!
I must have said a thousand times,
I tell you 'I'm sorry for forgetting to force'..."

We just thought it would be interesting to see what you all can come up with! ;-P
I took interest in ponies because humans are stupid.

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A thought occurred to me earlier--silly, I know, to 'tulpafy' lyrics to a song. The original and tulpafied lyrics go like this:

"hey KT, don't you know this ones for you, cause your the bravest hooker that i have ever knew.
I think back to the traperton and what we did to survive, and it makes me think that i miss your face, f**k i hope you're still alive"

Hey Yuli, don't you know this ones for you, cause your the greatest tulpa that I have ever knew.
I think about the wonderland and how we became friends, and it makes me think that I miss your form, heck I hope we'll make amends.


Can YOU tulpafy song lyrics??
I'm the host, but I also have Yulia with me.
Like ponified, i see the crossover. Neat.

Forcing with my tulpa 'cause I couldn't get him off my mind
I just think I'm insane because he is talking all the time
All day long he speaks to me but nothing seems to satisfy
I read all the tulpa guides but my doubts they will not pacify

Can you help re...move doubt from my brain?

I need someone to show me the tulpa signs that I can't find
I can't see the things that show he's sentient, I must be blind
He will joke but I will sigh and he will frown and I will cry
Sentience I cannot feel, his words to me are so unreal
And so I ask other systems for advice on dealing with my state
They tell me that it's okay and so I hope it's not too late

Link :]

PS Ozzy is a tulpa

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