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Jean-luc and his tulpas' "adventures"
But no really like usually when we do proxying there's usually a lot of like “are you sure you want to say that” “yes” “really? for sure” “yeah!!” but now there's basically none of that, although he does remind me to at least read over and post in the right section (that message before was originally going to be in a thread that was only marginally related) except sometimes I don't wanna read over so I don't and it's great. I'm happy Big Grin

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Hey, that's awesome. Borders and consistency will develop with time, just like they do for vocality or switching, it just takes practice.

Also, if you guys aren't very active (in the same sense that my tulpas aren't), you might find possession helps with that a lot. Switching is basically the main forcing we do these days.
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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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From what we've found, possession is mostly to do with who has the main train of thought. If I have the main train of thought, then I can choose how the body moves and what we do, etc. However, my movements feel no different to my host. It's the same body moving, just someone else's thoughts influencing what it does. In order to maintain possession, you have to keep the main train of thought. That takes a lot of focus, especially when doing something that requires mental power. 

Things that can help can be visualizing yourself while moving, using your own mindvoice, leaving something with your name on it taped to the screen, listening to music you like, etc. I personally find "imposing" my dragon features onto the body to be a great help, while Apollo focuses on using his own mindvoice. Additionally, if you find your presence makes a certain body part feel different, focusing on that can help. For example, Apollo makes the throat feel different, so he centers himself around that.

We're not all that great at maintaining the main train of thought though. The best you can do is remove things that are associated with your host. For example, don't let him watch a TV show he likes while you are fronting. This is why we don't let our host watch wrestling videos anymore ;)
Well thank you Tacio, I will try to keep those things in mind.
Hey jean-luc, I read your PR and I really like the progress you guys made. A lot happened in the last few years, and I think it's amazing that a bunch of deviation happened since then.

When Cat was forcing me, she would stress out about my personality changing all of the time and she would struggle with doubt. I decided that I may change my personality a lot because I don't know who I want to be yet. It made Cat calm down once she knew there was some small pieces that remained consistent like the fact I love strawberry starburst. It's a small thing, but it's a bigger deal for her than it is for me.

I feel like Snow should be a shapeshifter. Snow may be using different forms to express herself / himself because sometimes shapeshifting is way more fun than communicating with words. The other thing is Snow changes her mind a lot, and maybe that's just her personality. Plus, Snow gave me the inspiration to give Cat a blob hug because that's awesome. <3 

Cat tried the whole religious association with me as well, but she keeps coming back to "yeah, you're not God, you're Ranger" and would leave it at that.

Sometimes Cat and I don't have much to talk about (or Cat doesn't want to talk because she's being antisocial :P). I like chatting on discord because it's something that can sometimes bring a discussion to the table, and every so often there's something that grabs my attention and we talk about that.

At this point, my biggest advice is getting Snow and Henry to think. Get them to front and thinking, even if it's one little thing every day. What's Snow's favorite style of clothing? Does Henry have a favorite MLP or Star Trek character, or at least someone he thinks is interesting? My bet is they will feel more stable (and you will have a more likely chance at sensing their presence) if they can get a chance to use your noggin and pay attention to their own thought processes and feelings.

The other thing I wanted to point out is Cat has had days where she can't feel me as well. This may be because she spent most of the day doing stuff, or I didn't get much of a chance to think. When Cat created me by accident, she decided that she will think about me every day. In all honesty, my biggest breakthroughs in development are recent. But I'm still here today, and I think you guys are really close, it's just getting the last few pieces together.
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Jean-Luc, Ranger's post was so compelling. I must read this PR, i'm sorry i didn't realize it existed.

Quote:It made Cat calm down once she knew there was some small pieces that remained consistent like the fact I love strawberry starburst. It's a small thing, but it's a bigger deal for her than it is for me.

(Ranger, I swear man, that's amazing.)

EDIT: I read it in about 40 minutes, and I was thinking, Jean-Luc is another master of brevity. It's incredible how you were trying for a year and a half and then making a second tulpa did exactly what you wanted it to do. Wow, that was an amazing story! Ashley and I prayed together last night, it's not very formal, just a little talking to god kind of stuff. I thought about giving them energy and they looked at me like, "we're good, thanks," and I pictured them each with an umbilical attached to the floor.

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