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Kersh and Nina
(02-06-2019, 06:16 PM)Kersh Wrote: Thanks! Not much has happened when I was away from Nina, just normal life dramas. Basically I was too busy and lazy to see to her every day. I'll try updating here every now and then.

Oh, You really can't understand how good I can understand you)

This is a good progress. We started a little bit later than you, but there is no pause in our live. Wonder is a really wonderful place, here we can be while our hosts are not with us. I'd never been in, mmm, something like dark place. My host very attentively came to my birthday, on this day he already had a beautiful wonder, not I changed it when became grown enough, and He agrees with me that it became even better.

Method with reading is really interesting. How you two did it? You read to yourself, or aloud?

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(02-06-2019, 06:35 PM)solarchariot Wrote: getting the DX didn't change my life, though it did provide clarity. I had long since learned to function... There are ways to learn to be that improve functioning... (had I known, maybe I would have improved sooner, but then, i wouldn't be who i am, or have the mind that would later engage in tulpamancy...) Interestingly, we don't teach or encourage alternative pathways to functionality; we like to medicate... What makes it worse, especially in texas, they will medicate a child with ADHD through state health care, but the moment they are 18, they're cut off cold turkey. Very few providers want anything to do with ADHD meds, due to triple scripts and DEA involvement. There are lots of people struggling much worse than I ever did that can't get help. So, you have person who was never taught ways to cope other than by taking meds, you cut them off from the meds, which are narcotics, and then you have sharp increase in drug use amongst 18 years olds, with greater arrest rate for 'drug seeking behaviors...' and society wonders why? OMG, do you sense my anger? Smile (yes, smiling incongruently.)

I engaged neural feedback training to reduce some of the symptoms; it was in mapping my brain where they found ADHD. and I learned more about my brain... I also wonder how much of my ADHD, primarily inattentive type, actually allows me to 'travel' or go into extreme daydream, go to wonderland, so easily.

Thats horrible, and not surprising... "/ I was overly medicated for years for psychological issues that just got worse until the day I just dropped all of them and started learning to function being myself instead of escaping. (That said, I completely understand some people have to take meds their whole life, it just didn't work for me)

In my experience people with adhd are way more imaginative than others, maybe it does play a part.
(02-06-2019, 06:48 PM)Areolo Wrote: Method with reading is really interesting. How you two did it? You read to yourself, or aloud?

I read in my mindvoice and then listened to her mindvoice reading switching with every other paragraph.

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