Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

Hahaha that's a brilliant response "almost like ... I wasn't gonna say anything but since your asking a question .. Get your face out of my eye!"

Indeed that is kinda nefarious and also <3 audacity!

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

Why is it nefarious?
I have this image of you (by you I mean the stereotypical evil villain for the sake of this dramatic reproduction of the comical scene in my head) standing on some balcony with your tuppers arrayed behind you as henchmen, and your going "I will make them love the music, need the music, BE THE MUSIC and then... I shall unleash .... THE TULPA SONG !!!! ".
<cue dramatic crescendo if music in background >
"the world will finally understand ... All will know the power, my power .. OUR <sweeping gesture across tuppers behind you> ULTIMATE POWERR"

Cue maniacal laughter. ^^

I have what some may call an over-active imagination
The album idea was more like "people will be more willing to accept the idea that tulpas aren't a mental illness if they hear it from a popular music artist (who's known for singing about advocacy for weird-ish things) vs if they hear it from a music artist nobody knows."
Yeah it's actually not a bad idea ^^.

I just have an over active imagination pay it no heed hehe.
12/7/14: When I thought about my songs, RD said that I had finals to study for. When I watched "The Crystal Empire" (specifically, the part where canon!Rainbow Dash trolls Rarity), she remarked that my having known her for some time "increased [my] prank pool by a bunch! You know I'd never do anything out of malice, so it's fine for almost anything!"
Dusk Shine briefly turned into Twilight Sparkle, until I had him speak with his voice. He said that he hoped the choice to name the character "Twilight Sparkle" was a jab at the Twilight saga. When I read a thread about alleged occult symbolism in MLP, I was brought to tears by the overload of crazy shit--I couldn't figure out if it had any implications for me. I told RD to promise that, in the future, she'd keep me away from such "intellectual razors".

{...Those are highly contextual; literally anything you read after a Razor could itself become a Razor.}

[It's like a Pavlovian thing. X overloads you to the point of tears, and you take in Y right after X; reading Y reminds you of X, get the idea.]

{We're not trying to be offensive to anypony with the "intellectual masochism/razors" thing. Krueger read about self-harm; razors are pretty common in self-harm--well, in movies, anyway...I think he jumped from "intellectual masochism/self-mental-harm" to "self-harm" to "razors are common in Hollywood!self-harm"...alright, different topic: Fullmetal Alchemist!}

[Al's armor's kinda cool.]

Shou just shrugged (he doesn't really care one way or the other for the show). Sarah yawned while I wrote that last sentence.
12/8/14: When I read Elyn Saks' memoir "The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey through Madness", I noticed a few similarities between us--for example, we both sometimes forgot to maintain basic hygiene, and we both leave out context--I'll leave clarifying details out of my log entries, she won't explain how she got from Thought A to seemingly unrelated Thought B (which is "loose association"). Dusk Shine said I was experiencing "psychology student's disease". Sarah lightly growled when I got caught up focusing on my perceived similarities with Saks. Later I tried to work on possession, but I got worried when, during the pre-possession relaxation exercise/hypnosis induction, I felt a sort of pressure near my solar plexus and sternum.
I don't remember what led up to it, but RD said that her experience in a void may have somehow contributed to Slenderdash's "claustrophobia" (for lack of a better word. It's mostly just xyr not wanting to be in my room when I'm not there, as far as I can tell).
Hehe yeah I have noticed you have a tendency to draw parallels with yourself and "insert thing here ". Pretty quickly. Has that always been the case? I notice quite often RD or Dusk shine are saying "yeah stop worrying about it". I often have the opposite issue and just don't relate to something perhaps I should until someone goes "yeah that is a lot like what you do" and it takes me a good few hours contemplation to really see it.
12/9/14: I thought about putting a "core" in my wonderland, but wondered if it would be a weak point (as the thing I most often think of when I hear "core" is the core of Lyoko--destroy it, and the whole virtual world is destroyed).

{You know, it could just be your brain. No brain, we're dead.}

I read about how the medulla oblongata controls sneezing; Dash said that the times she'd stopped me from sneezing were just placebos; she couldn't interfere with any of the vital stuff like breathing, heart rate, etc..

[The fact that I even have to reassure you in the first place is just...lame.]

Slenderdash expressed worry that by reading Saks' memoir and identifying with her, I'd essentially think myself into having schizophrenia. After I studied my notes for a psychology test, Sarah said that she and Shou had gone over all of the material they'd taken notice of--95% of what I'd read, even what I'd just skimmed. I asked them if they knew it really well. Sarah said that if (Shou emphasized the "if") they didn't, they'd go over it while I slept. A few times, I caught myself and Shou calling her "Nina" instead of "Sarah".
12/10/14: RD helped me out on the test. Shou said that I'd done A+ work, but I estimated I'd get an A-. I thought about getting some hot chocolate from Starbucks to celebrate, but Dusk advised against having Starbucks two days in a row, even though he didn't know the "health benefits, lack thereof, or downsides". I didn't really do much in the way of tulpa-related stuff, other than trying and failing to fold an origami box to make into a diorama of my wonderland, which I still haven't come up with a name for.

[What do you think about something Latin-y? Greek? French?]

{I quite like French Smile.}

[Scratch that. None of us know French.]

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