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8/24/18: I had a weird moral issue with a story (I was kicking myself for liking it, cuz I assumed my subconscious knew about the deaths of the main characters that were foreshadowed in chapter 1), and got walk-ins of those characters (in anthro stag forms from the story). I tried banishing, then a symbolic olive branch-swapping thing.

8/25/18: Most of the tulpa-related events of today revolved around getting used to the stags, which I guess also happened with Kurama, Lust, etc..

8/26/18: Dash, Sarah, and I RPd in Skyrim. Sarah was pretty vocal, which I thought was cool.

8/27/18: We didn’t do much today.

8/28/18: Nina and I hanged out with one of the stags.

8/29/18: I watched a music video for a Skyrim fan song. Neither the stags nor I liked the music before the first verse. They (or their representative, at least) liked the string instrument bridge. I asked if any of the guys in my head “could even” with regards to the ragdoll dancing in the music video. None of us could even (the video was weird).

8/30/18: we didn’t do much today.

8/31/18: Nina and I chatted. I wondered if there’d be aspects of my upcoming job (which I may or may not get) that each of us would like, so we could switch/possess if one of us isn’t motivated to do the work.

9/1/18: Nina imposed herself, but her form was too shadow-y relative to the light source. She took the show away, but she looked too anime-esque. It was cold when I went to bed, so I wore slippers. Nina liked how they felt. She imposed herself on top of me in bed. I tried seeing her face, but had trouble.

9/2/18: I read a Reddit comment about imposing sounds. Dash made audible hoofsteps, which made other imposition a bit more vivid. After I typed that, she popped up hovering in midair, then teleported to sitting on an armchair.

9/3/18: Nina possessed me at a neighbor’s party.
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