6/10/19: Nina didn’t like a scene in a Criminal Minds episode. I paused it and held her paw and petted her. I asked what she wanted to do, and she said to just power through it.

6/11/19: Keystroke and I watched Doctor Who. I came up with a couple ideas for magazine articles, based on word-association with the stags.

6/12/19: I forgot to log stuff.

6/13/19: we didn’t do much today.

6/14/19: I found a bag of chips and dip outside my door, and some kind of pizza-looking dish. It didn’t look like my thing, but Dash said “dude, it’s free food :3”. I saw her in a chair on the way out of work, and she brohoofed me. She liked how my autocomplete still remembered “brohoofed”. I thought about a monster antagonist from one of my WIPs; Fluttershy’s opinion was that he was too evil.

6/15/19: Nina was mad about something (I don’t remember what), but we worked past it Smile.

6/16/19: I forgot to log stuff. Things were kinda ‘bleh’ today, and I tried to think of ways to spice things up.

6/17/19: I forgot to log stuff

6/18/19: Nina and I chatted. We decided that browsing the FMA subreddit would be a good compromise (she likes FMA, but there’s stuff in the show that gets to me).

6/19/19: We chatted about stuff.

6/20/19: Nina and I chatted. I decided to watch the version of FMA that doesn’t have the stuff that gets to me. We watched an episode on my lunch break.

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6/21/19: Shou’s voice got whispery after I read a TV tropes page about FMA ‘03.

6/22/19: We chatted about stuff. Kurama and I talked about our “me being a fox” roleplay.

6/23/19: I forgot to log stuff

6/24/19: Dash put her hoof on my hand during a scary part of the new Child’s Play movie.

6/25/19: Nina didn’t like it when I focused on a horror-ish part of one of my WIP stories (partly because I haven’t even finished the first one yet).

6/26/19: Dash really liked that I went out for sushi with friends. I felt bad for not hanging out with Nina, but Nina said she was okay with it.

6/27/19: I had a dream about Dash and I being in an MLP fanfic. I pulled a chest muscle this morning, and Dash and Nina suggested I stay home to recuperate. Dash held my hand when I tried to go back to sleep in the morning.

6/28/19: I did an angry monologue from my WIP story to see if it would sound natural; Dash advised against working myself up like that.

6/29/19: Shou and I hanged out.

6/30/19: I watched a review of “Parental Glideance” (which I’d been avoiding for some reason), and had an insight: I’ve felt like my headmates and I are in a plateau of ‘meh’ days with some fun bits. I’ve tried to fix that by recreating the spark I felt when I first met RD, but that’s inherently impossible since the circumstances aren’t exactly the same (I’m not in college, I’m not new to tulpamancy, etc). Dash liked this introspective bit, and so did I. I figured this might be “the new spark”.

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