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Let's share some music!
It's been a long time...

Possibly NSFW for big anime titties:
And here's some similar stuff that should be SFW: (I blame AlbinoVEVO for introducing me to this one)
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Oh, found an old favourite from a few years ago:
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What are your favorite songs?
How do the hosts' and tulpas' music tastes compare to each other?
Leave a comment! I wanna know!

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Matt's favs right now:
Greta Van Fleet -- You're the One --
Deep Purple -- Hush --
Jimi Hendrix -- All Along the Watchtower --

My favs right now:
Ghost -- Rats --
Scandroid -- Neo Tokyo remix --
Rob Zombie -- Living Dead Girl --

Our joint favorite song:
Volbeat -- Last Day Under the Sun --
Well, we haven't argued about music, except Joy's taste for 70-80's earworms. But hey, she hasn't had to listen to them looped fir 8 hours a day for years in the entertainment and service industry.

Misha likes the really generic soft lofi that real lofi enthusiasts loath (and it puts me to sleep) Dashie and I have similar tastes definitely, Ashley likes almost all positive or uplifting music, Ren is a electronica/techno/edm junkie and she only need ask, anything fast paced, which I also like in the right mood, Dashie is also fully on board with that. No other preference has yet been determined.
My favorite remixed song!
It's a remix of this

As of music taste. Xar likes punky rocky industrial music. I'm more of a j-popy video gamey music fan but I like good rock music too. We both like to occasionally listen to classical or hardbass when the mood is in.

It mostly seems to come down to how different we enjoy music.
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Diana: I really like stuff that sounds different, I guess, for lack of better words. I Love You Like An Alchoholic by The Taxpayers is a regular earworm. And It's Alright by Mother Mother is my go-to feel-good song.
Gargle likes pop(stuff such as American Boy by Estelle or Post Malone by Sam Feldt) which is weird because Kelly used to hate it. She's fine with it now, says it's grown on her. I'm neutral about the whole thing- genre doesn't really matter, I like a song or I don't.
And Kelly listens to songs that she can daydream about edgy stuff to. That, and Amanda Palmer. She really loves Amanda Palmer.
When I was really young... so like, a few months ago- Kelly and I used to listen to a lot of 60s to 80s rock songs because it was the only thing we could agree on. We still like to dance to Ballroom Blitz!

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