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Life in Twyminstan (Or My Wonderland)
April 20: Nothing much besides walking through the street of Georgetown at night and at day. I can describe the city as a mix of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Chennai.

I was at the video game tournament where a boy and a girl was playing together. It was fun.

April 21: Again, nothing much besides walking through the street of Georgetown at night and watching the kids (mostly orphans) go as their day.

At daytime (in my wonderland), I was playing cricket with my girlfriend, Jeni. She get frustrated every time I hit the wicket. I won.

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April 22: Nothing much besides walking through the street in Georgetown again. It was raining.

I was at the mall to see what it was like. It was luxurious and bright. There were a lot of people.

April 23: I was at the street that resembles Chinatown in Georgetown. The street was filled with red lights and there are people speaking Mandarin but can also speak English. There are also Chinese (Zhilian in our wonderland) shops.

I was at the park to see what it was like. The scent was very sweet and the people were doing fun activities.
Sounds relaxing
April 23: I was in the subway to see what it was like. It is similar to the ones in Japan where they are crowded. It was interesting.

April 24: I was at the shopping district in Georgetown. There were advertisements about soft drinks, snacks, foods and movies. They also have theaters, museums and video game stores.
April 25: I was walking at the street when I saw four soldiers saluting at me as they are guarding the hospital. I saluted them back.

I was walking down the street at Kasugai district which resembles Katsushika City in Tokyo, Japan. The district is in Georgetown, Twyminstan.

April 26: I did some more exploration in Kasugai district. This time at nighttime.

I was drinking and eating in the café at Kasugai district. It was tasty.
I have been hearing male voices since last week and it is a sign that I have just made a new friend. 

I believe that having three tulpas is too dangerous and it would eventually cause problems.

I am yet to create another one.
That's fair.
April 26: I have placed a bet on Kris Metzger who is riding the blue Oullim Spirra while Kennedy Yamada is riding the yellow Maserati Shamal. Kris have won the race and I have earned $3 million.

Again, I have placed a bet on Peter Yamaguchi who is riding the red Mazda RX-7 while Nicholas Kovarshan is riding the purple Mitsubishi Starion. Peter have lost the race and I have lost $9 million.

More will be added tomorrow.
Hello everyone and I am back!

I was too busy spending time with my tulpas and writing stories about Twyminstan. I also have to focus on doing work at school.

Now that school is almost over and I have a lot to say about my tulpas let us begin.

I have created another tulpa. His name is Kenji Korn and I have been spending a lot of time with him since I have created him. I was having trouble coming up with a voice for him but now I am able to.

He is calm, silly, and helpful. He will always look out for me when I am having problems with schoolwork. He barely even knows German but he helped me anyway.

Me and Jeni have barely talked about anything. I am looking forward to improve that.

We have started roleplaying and it is fun. We did it on paper though.

More will be added tomorrow. Until then, have a nice day.

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