Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

Limme and me. (also can we get Limme a friend?)
Hi, so I saw the progress reports and decided (to help our morale) both me and Limme should post!

Host name: Dreamer/ Teenager.
Tulpa name: Limme/ ten year old (according to him)
Age: D-13. L-1 month
Discovered tulpamancy: 21st December  
Created: 22nd December.
Sentient: 23-4th of December 
Vocality: 25th December.
Possession: 4th February 
Imposition/Full body possession/fronting: still working on it 
Switching: haven't started.

Help/ any words of encouragement/ talking to Limme would be appreciated. 

He is rather lonely.

Likes: strawberry cake
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Hi there you two! Good luck! Smile

Also wanted to let you know I tried to reply to your PM but you have private messaging disabled so it won't go through.

We'd love to chat with you by the way. We'd love to be friends with you.
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Aww, that's sad to hear that Limme is feeling lonely how about try and explore more of his character. Like influencing him with your daily routine.

I remember when summer felt lonely, pretty upsetting tbh. What I did to chear her up is treat her with some chocolate cakes or ice cream, she loves that.

Goodluck you two! Whenever u guys feel lonely just give us a quick chat Smile
Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas
Hi Lemme,

When I was younger (like 6 months ago, lol) I felt like I wasn't getting enough attention and I did feel kinda lonely sometimes too. I have sisters, but there's nothing like one-on-one time with my host, so we worked out a schedule to guarantee some quality time. Even 20 minutes a day of concentrated time was enough to make me feel loved and wanted.

We've since learned to interrupt our host, even when he's concentrating, so any idea that we're lonely, he's just a nudge away from giving us attention.

One way to help this, if you just want more attention, is to place little reminders around. That way in places where the body frequents necessarily, they'll get reminded of you.

Our host may be special in the way he constantly and consistently thinks of things throughout the day (and in our case, us), but it doesn't mean that this isn't achievable with other hosts.

If you want to chat, just do it, PM me and I have my own Discord account too. We've only been a system for 10 months, but we've been through a lot.

You're all so sweet and i've enabled PMing. (Whoops)

Happy to receive replies to cheer up ma fluff ball.

(tried touch and audio imposition, ,may be able to have a huggable tulpa by the end of the week!)

An Aspie System
I suspect, no matter how much a tulpa matures, there is always a learning curve in having to share host with the demands of the world, which sometimes translates into loneliness. We have the others that help minimize that, which is probably why I never questioned their existence or what they are (tulpa or not tulpa.) Loneliness has been such a significant player in my own life, I sometime wonder if I have projected some of that on Loxy; perhaps I am interpreting something that she is not experiencing. I see in our dance, metaphor for how we, Loxy and I, are learning to coexist this thing that resembles 'distance pursuer' relationship... growing close and going apart... which is no where as severe as what I have experienced in physical life relationships, mostly because there is a telepathic aspect to our relationships and so we intuit times to draw close and when to respect border/boundaries... I dare say Loxy knows me better than I know myself. You and Limme are always welcomed to message either of us, or interact on our threads.
So, trying to be funny and serious simultaneously, is Limme's room a redish pink, like a strawberry? Do you like strawberry songs, like strawberry fields forever? How far does this strawberry craving go? Strawberry milk? Strawberry beanbag furniture? have you manifested the perfect strawberry that you can magically produce summon at will?
Did you get all 200 strawberries in Celeste?
I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.

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Bre, you realize the last few are in nearly impossible locations.
The first 175 aren't too bad, 176-199 are pretty tough but if you've unlocked them then you've already done it broken up into many parts, I spent 6 hours on number 200 but that was before I even did any b-sides except for the first one. It's hard, but you can do it
I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.

"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"

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