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Linkzelda's Self-Hypnosis Tulpa Guide
This guide was a WIP by the author. The finished version can be found here.
- Apollo

You probably clicked the link to this guide and thought:

“Self-hypnosis, what the heck is wrong with this guy?”

Then you probably starting thinking of situations (probably visualizations) on the absurdity of hypnosis in a tulpa forum

Then you started to add feedback to whatever visualization you had, and you're probably now convinced that hypnosis is the stereotypes of “not being able to remember anything from the trance state” and what have you. This idea solidified into your mind, you made the implication that it's impractical; you made the suggestion that it is absurd; you easily went into a suggestive state that hypnosis doesn't seem logical at all when tulpaforcing.

(I'll explain later on in the guide on why I said that, and you should be able to know what I mean by it).

If you think this guide is too long, then you should back to the tulpa chat or lurk the forum around wondering, “lol0z how doz I tulpaforce.” If you're willing to spend hours on standing around and wasting time, they surely you'll have more than enough time to read this guide out.

Also, most of the guide will be what I took notes on reading a book called “A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis” by Melvin Powers. Except, I'm going to give my opinions (obviously) and also show an example of utilizing self-hypnosis to gradually improve your ability to tulpaforge, imposition, possession, almost any kind of tulpa related ability and soon-to-be discovered (yeah that's right).

Things you will learn from this guide:
  1. Learning the misconceptions and presumed “dangers” of hypnosis. (I'm pretty sure some people think it's not having any awareness of what's going on; and you'll realize there's not really any kind of catastrophic danger (i.e. jumping off a cliff or “z0mg my tulpa is going to stab me))

  2. A useful analogy (that I learned from the reading) of how getting into the suggestion state is done.

  3. The Power of Suggestion

  4. A simple version of the example of self-hypnosis (this is just an example, you can use it if you want, but don't take it to absolute law; it's served to be for experimentation)

  5. A more advanced version of the example of self-hypnosis (Utilizing “Present tense” commands and going further into them for better efficacy, etc.)

  6. An Eureka! Moment and the sudden urge to try this out for a few weeks (it's definitely worth it)

So if you're ready for this, get your tulpa and snuggle up for a reading that I'm sure will be worth your while (remember, you just have to work at it like any other technique)
DISCLAIMER: I do not want to state as fact that this guide will 100% work for you, it's solely dependent on you learning through the mechanics of the steps, and trying them out yourself. Honestly, if you want an example of what this guide will be....Self-fulfilling prophecy (to some extent). Don't let the word discourage you though.

If you want to know just Tests #1-5 (to get into the light state quicker that is enough for basic tulpaforcing/visualization/etc.) Just focus on these sections I recommend below:

“TL ; DR version of Self-Hypnosis process”
“Why Command => Visualize => Feedback Response HELPS A LOT”
“Tests #1-5 Sayings”

This is for people who just want to do something quickly, and even so, please take your time those three sections I recommended. Don't feel bad if things don't work out, just GO WITH THE FLOW.

Now for the TABLE of CONTENTS:

HYPNO#1: Misconceptions and Presumed “Dangers” of Hypnosis (Mini-FAQ)

HYPNO#1-A : What is Hypnosis?

HYPNO#1-B : What are the three stages of hypnosis

HYPNO#1-C : Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

HYPNO#1-D : What Do You Think Hypnosis Is?

HYPNO#1-E : Useful analogy to Describe Hypnosis

HYPNO#1-F : Will I remember anything being in a trance/hypnotic state?

HYPNO#1-H : What the heck is ABCD?

HYPNO#2 : TL ; DR version of Self-Hypnosis process

HYPNO#2-A : Why Command => Visualize => Feedback Response HELPS A LOT

HYPNO#2-B : Advanced Explanation of Tests (Suggestions/Phrases/Commands to Use for Each Test)

HYPNO#2-C: Tests #1-5 Sayings

HYPNO#3 : More Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


HYPNO#1: Misconceptions and Presumed “Dangers” of Hypnosis (Mini-FAQ)

HYPNO#1-A : What is Hypnosis?
I just wanted to get this section covered first just to make sure people don't get anxious and think that “omgz0rs, what if my tulpa goes Glad0s on me and kills everyone!??!?”

Hypnosis is simply reaching a state of suggestibility, and the prime example of this is our subconscious. Like in most default hypnosis guides you see (e-how and such unfortunately), they usually don't go in-depth on misconceptions or why this certain mechanic works. Those types of guides are made to cater to everyone with many different beliefs.

HYPNO#1-B : What are the three stages of hypnosis
There's usually three states of hypnosis that get heavier in suggestibility and such (at least mentioned in the guide):
  • Light State – (Lethargic State)

  • Medium State – (Cataleptic State)

  •  Deep State – (Somnambulistic State)

    I won't bother explaining them, but just putting that out there because the “tests” you'll be using for your self-hypnosis help you transcend into deeper states of hypnosis (and with practice, you're going to be amazed at how much you can bond with your tulpa).

    HYPNO#1-C : Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

    Since hypnosis is one simply reaching a state of suggestibility, people (especially tulpamancers who don't really want to read much about it) usually think that it might create some risks, like:
    • Their tulpa going glad0s mode on them and destroying all their host
    • Insert any other worse case scenario here
    • To give a simple explanation to this, do not worry about the dangerous because they're unlikely to happen. You can easily get out of the hypnosis state when you use reasonable commands and cues, so you won't jump off a cliff or some other silly anxious thought because of hypnosis.

      HYPNO#1-D : What Do You Think Hypnosis Is?

      Based on the reading, I've agreed that hypnosis is learning how to:
      • 1. Using commands/phrase (saying aloud or in your head)
      • 2. Adding Visualizations to solidify the command/phrase
      • 3. Adding feed-back response to solidify #1 and #2
      • 4. These create a conditioned response, and the more you're used to it, the FASTER you'll be able to tulpaforge (of course, don't try to rush it, TAKE YOUR TIME DOING IT)

        You'll understand all this in the advanced version of the example I'll set up (and the same process is just the same as Melvin Powers laid it out, except you'll be mixing it up for your tulpa-related endeavors)

        HYPNO#1-E : Useful analogy to Describe Hypnosis

        Here's a simple analogy that Melvin stated himself in the guide. I'm basically going to paraphrase it and add my opinion on it. (My opinions/explanation will be like this)

        Getting into the stages of hypnosis is like going to a pool of water. You usually don't catapult yourself altogether; you want to test the waters first to get a sense of the temperature by putting one of your feet in.

        (This means you're doing things gradually, just like how you want to use self-hypnosis for tulpaforcing/imposition/etc.).

        Then as you get used to the waters, you slowly let your legs into the water, and eventually, the thighs, waist, stomach, chest, and such is completely in the water.

        (This means that at this point when you're deep in the pool, you're probably already in a deep state of hypnosis).

        HYPNO#1-F : Will I remember anything being in a trance/hypnotic state?

        Of course! People usually think that if they were to go to a hypnotist that they can't remember what they said, or that there was some kind of hocus-pocus going on that prevented them from remembering anything. The thing is (and this is just my opinion), we can easily get out of the trance state with practice, and the trance state does not mean “I lose all voluntary control over myself”

        During this whole process of self-hypnosis, you will remember what you're going through (unless you sleep, but if you find yourself getting tired/sleepy, IT'S WORKING; you just have to get used to the sensations and keep your AWARENESS up the next attempt) NEVER GIVE UP.

        From personal experience, I've slept through several self-hypnosis sessions because the commands/phrases I used really worked in getting me relaxed that I wasn't used to these sensations coming so fast. Even after ~ 2months, I'm still aiming to get better (and I have gotten better at it). It's definitely worth it, and even just tulpaforcing (without thinking about hypnosis) is essentially YOU getting into the suggestive state.

        This is merely you speeding things up a bit when you have the conditioned responses set up.

        HYPNO#1-G : What position should I be in for self-hypnosis?

        I personally recommend sitting up because as you practice these tests (and/or your tests), you'll find that lying down on the bed might make you fall asleep REALLY fast. You can try lying down, but if you don't want to frequently have yourself wake up at a random time going “CRAP!” just try sitting up.

        You have have back problems and such with sitting up, You can simply sit on a chair, place pillows on them for the seat and for the back rest; the same applies if you're bracing on a wall while sitting on your bed/water bed/whatever you rest on.

        HYPNO#1-H : What the heck is ABCD?

        This is for people who read the TL;DR version and don't understand what ABCD is for that section (the advanced explanation solves this issue)

        HYPNO#2 : TL ; DR version of Self-Hypnosis process
        • Note, this is just an example, and it's based from the guide from Melvin-Powers (This is what I used for Rasznir during his trance sessions I did with him, and if you want his opinions, ask and I'm sure he'll be glad to tell you how effective it is when you get used it; whether it's someone doing the hypnosis on you, or you doing it on yourself (or even your tulpa(e)!!!))Yes, this is the TL ; DR (*gasp*). If you want to stop here and take a break after reading the previous sections (or using Ctrl+ F and being mind-boggled at the so called “brevity” of this version), do so. Just take your time, try to get a quick run of how the techniques work a few times, then go back and do them more extensively. To make things easier for yourself, copy the TL ; DR version below, and then when you have time, go to the advanced version section and see the example phrases/commands I placed. Go through each test and digest as much info as you need (for your case, it would just be Tests #1 – 5 for basic tulpaforcing, etc.)
        • 1. Eye-lid Test (Saying a phrase that “As I reach X number, I shall be in a deeper state of hypnosis and feel relaxed.”

        • 1. A : Each count up to (ten for example), you state a phrase that gets deeper (or it can be a simple phrase repeated if you want)

        • 1. B : As you go through each count and state the phrase, you visualize yourself getting into the hypnotic state and whatever conditions the test you're doing.

        • 1. C : When you finish a count (example: when you finish counting to one → saying phrase → visualizing → then saying the next number with feedback based on the count that happened before → and so on until TEN (or whatever number you want to count up to).

        • 1. D : When you reach to ten or the end point for a certain test, you confirm to yourself that you're in a deeper state of hypnotic state, and that you'll insert whatever suggestive state you'll be in as you go more into the session

        • 2. Swallow Test (Basically repeating ABCD, except you're using the commands, visualization, and feedback for that specific test).

        • 3. Hand-Tingling Test ( Again, same as #1 and #2, but you do ABCD parts for the specific test; remember, you're using different commands/phrases for different tests; it sounds like a pain, but with practice, you'll have simple phrases come to you quickly))

        • 4. Feet Test => ABCD

        • 5.  Hand Levitation Test => ABCD (You can even get your tulpa into this if you're decent at possession!!!)

        – (Usually for your first runs, this state is MORE than enough to tulpaforce proficiently , meaning when you do the 5 tests and are conditioned to those reactions/responses, you do whatever you want from this point.. (tulpaforge/impose/vocalization training/etc. ) - (the next tests are if you want to get more into it; (Examples: Actually being able to feel the warmth of your tulpa by imagining yourself hugging them, etc.)

        Because the guide is so large rest is in secont post[/b]

      • NOTE: If you want to do more than just visualize your tulpa/impose them/etc., the next tests are for you. These are usually for more deeper interaction with your tulpa, and depending on your persistence with this, you could be immersed into your wonderland or that special place with your and your tulpae, and you'll be in a “dream-like” state that you're aware of. It's not as powerful or intense as a LUCID DREAM, but the experience is AMAZING.

        (I had a brief moment of the deeper states of hypnosis, and I was ECSTATIC at how much I felt away from reality and more with Eva).

        For these states, I recommend you find days where you have more hours to do this, because it's definitely worth it.

      • 6. Fly Test => ABCD =>

        You're imagining a fly on your hand, and it gets annoying and you just have the urge to slap your hand (this one is actually funny because by this point, you should be able to feel as if there really is a fly on your hand)

      • 7. Sun Test =>ABCD =>
        Using suggestions to feel the warmth of the sun halfway on your count, and then imagining the sun's warmth going away (this prepares for the next test)

      • 8. Breeze Test => ABCD =>

        You're basically using suggestions that you'll feel a breeze (this is like a tease or preparing for the dream-like state in the second to last test)

      • 9.  Handclasp Test => ABCD =>

        You interlock your hands, and clasp them together and give suggestions that it'll be impossible to unlock them, then you [b]continue
        to count to a higher number you want with the suggestion that you'll be able to unlock them easily.

      • 10. Arm Test => ABCD => Fist one hand, spread your arm out, count to a certain number with suggestions that you'll be unable to bend your hand. Then as you [b]continue to count to the next highest number you want, you give the suggestion that you'll be able to bend your arm easily.

      • 11. Eye Test (different from the eye-lid test because by this time, you're trying to open your eyes) => ABCD =>

        You imagine yourself feeling context, relaxed, at ease and making suggestions that you'll try to open your eyes, but you can't because it requires too much energy, and having your eyes closed is more enjoyable (this helps with grounding yourself for wonderlands, tulpaforcing, concentration, etc.)

        From here, you do the same as you did for the other tests (that you'll feel perfectly normal and aware)

      • 12. Music Test (this could also be altered for VOCALIZATION TRAINING!!! (z0mg, you're excited huh?!?) => ABCD =>

        This is the part where you give a suggestion that a certain number, you'll hear your favorite song and it will last for one minute and gradually fade away. [b]You  can alter this and do more advanced vocal training with your tulpa instead!!!  (if it doesn't work, just keep trying)


      • 13. Dream Test => ABCD (This is the part where it gets AMAZING, and you might end up crying with job or some other euphoric emotion when you get out of it) =>

        You basically count to three (use the ABCD way with it) and have the assurance you'll have a dream lasting for several minutes

      • 14. “Anesthesia” Test => ABCD (Like Powers said, don't use pins or try to cut yourself okay?) =>

        You're telling yourself you won't feel any pain (honestly I never reached this far because the dream test is what I enjoy the most, this is just optional, and like I said before, you don't have to be so serious in following every single thing; mix things up a bit if you want)!

        HYPNO#2-A : Why Command => Visualize => Feedback Response HELPS A LOT

        The next section after this is simply going to be example suggestions/phrases/commands/ to utilize for teach test. But before I do that, let me explain the “Say Command” => “Visualize” => “Feedback Response”

        In order to make a conditioned response, there has to be some kind of memory of it, whether it's visualization, auditory, etc. it's sustained by some memorable experience.

        Example (A generic one, but you should get the point):

        HYPNO#2-B : More Explanation on Tests (Suggestions/Phrases/Commands to Use for Each Test)

        Here I'll simply state the number (Ex: 1. ) and the example phrases you can use. [b][u]You don't have to follow them to absolute law, these are just for experimentation; feel free to make your own, but the idea behind them is that you utilize “PRESENT” tense words (it helps a lot because the subconscious is more suited for the now/present/status-quo/in the moment/etc.

        Hopefully you have the “TL ; DR” handout I had in the previous section, it'll make things easier for you (sorry that I didn't combine them, but I just wanted to show people the simple way and then this section for the details; please forgive me, just trying to do this for everyone's convenience.

        ALL of these examples implies you count to ten; some will have where you count to ten, but you also continue to count to 15 after you reached 10 mostly for feeling normal again after the specific test; some imply you just count to 3 or 5, but these are usually for the deeper tests.

        [u]If you want to get the information for Test #1-#5, just focus the phrases/etc. for those instead and come back to the other tests some other time when you mastered or you set the conditioned responses for Tests #1-#5

        Also, counting to 10 is ideal because it's just enough to where it's not too long to reach and not too short to where you might have to repeat the saying again.

        HYPNO#2-C: Tests #1-5 Sayings

        HERE GOES (hope you have the TL;DR copied for your convenience):

        PRE-WARMUP SAYING (this is what you use in case for emergencies and any apparent dangers in real life ahead (fire, burglary, etc.); it's also to make posthypnotic suggestions (suggestions that happen AFTER you're finished or are engrained as “back-ups”):

        Pre-warmup (optional) # 1Breathe in....(think or say aloud “Relax”) Breathe out...(think or say aloud “Relax”) Do it a few times (5-10) (Remember the analogy I mentioned in the earlier section of how hypnosis works?)

        “During this session, I shall be able to direct post-hypnotic suggestions to the subconscious with ease. I shall be able to get out of the hypnotic stages with ease as soon as I count to ...”

        * insert the magical number; it doesn't matter which number, just as long as you know that when you want to get out of the hypnotic state, you just say that and count to that number you want. *


        Before engaging in test:

        “As I count to ten, my eyelids shall be relaxed that it would require too much effort to open them. I shall be in a deeper state of hypnosis, and I shall be aware through the whole session” (That's a post-hypnotic suggestion by the way ; repeat this once more if needed)

        Doing the first test:

        “One..My eyelids are feeling relaxed....”

        (Visualize=>Add Feedback Response with the next count)

        “Two...My eyelids are more relaxed, I can feel content and getting into a deeper state of hypnosis.”

        (Visualize => Add Feedback Response with the next count; this is exactly how it goes through most of the tests)

        “Three...My eyelids are more relaxed than before, and it's becoming harder to open my eyes.”

        “Four...My eyelids are getting heavier, and it's even more difficult to open my eyes..”

        “Five...My eyelids are very heavy, it requires too much effort to open them...”

        “Six...My eyelids are relaxing more, and it's too difficult to open them....”

        (See how this was a repeat? It's okay if you want to do this instead, but try to make each count more confident and more assured than the last count)

        “Seven...My eyelids are so heavy that it's getting difficult to open my eyes without exerting much force.”

        “Eight....My eyelids are definitely becoming heavier and more difficult to open without exerting much force.”

        (See how I mentioned “definitely”? This is a more confident and assured way of suggestibility)

        “Nine....My eyelids are absolutely becoming heavier and more relaxed that it's hard to open without exerting much force.”

        “Ten..My eyes are now heavy and impossible to open even if I try to open them. I am now in a deeper state of hypnosis (Remember the Visualization => Feedback for these sayings all up until you count to ten or whatever number you want)

        TEST #2 Sayings:

        “As I count to ten, and before I count to ten, I shall have the irresistible urge to swallow. Once I do, I shall count to ten and the urge to swallow will slowly fade.”

        (when you get the urge to swallow before the count to ten; just count to whatever number(s) is and use the second part of the phrase/command/suggestion)

        “ throat is getting dry...”

        “ mouth is getting dry, the urge to swallow is increasing....”

        (Do this until you actually swallow and then when you do...example)

        “Six...the urge to swallow is slowly fading away...”

        “Seven....the urge to swallow is continuing to fade away...”

        “Eight....the urge to swallow is fading away and I shall not worry about having to swallow...”

        “Nine...the urge to swallow is definitely fading away, and I shall not worry about having to swallow...”

        “Ten...the urge to swallow absolutely gone, and I shall not think about having to swallow...”

        TEST 3: Sayings:

        You can use your left or right hand for this, or both, but for this example's sake, just use one:

        “As I count to five, I shall feel an increased tingling sensation in my hand. As I continue to count to ten, my hand shall feel completely normal.”

        “One....I feel a tingling sensation in my hand....”

        “Two...the feeling is increasing in my right hand....”

        “Three...the feeling is definitely increasing in my right hand....”

        “Four....the feeling is increasing exponentially in my right hand...”

        “Five....the tingling sensation is absolutely increasing in my right hand...”

        “Six....the tingling sensation is slowly decreasing in my right hand....”

        “Seven...the tingling sensation is slowly decreasing in my right hand and I'm slowly feeling normal again...”

        “Eight....the tingling sensation is definitely decreasing in my right hand and I'm feeling normal again..”
        “Nine...the tingling sensation is absolutely decreasing in my right hand and I'm feeling normal again...”

        “Ten...the tingling sensation is gone, and I am completely normal. I am now in a deeper state of hypnosis and shall be aware throughout this session.”

        TEST # 4 Sayings:

        (at this point, you should be able to get the idea that's going on here, just follow the guideline on the TL ; DR “handout” from the previous section and make your own should be very easy).

        Just have a number (5 for instance) where you feel a heavy bar is on your feet, and then as you continue to count to 10, the iron bar will melt and then harden on your feet, making you more grounded and impossible to move your feet!

        TEST #5 Sayings:

        Basically count to 5 or whatever half-way mark where you'll feel your hand getting lighter and lighter as you aim to touch your chin unconsciously....(by unconsciously, without you moving your right and whole arm; this is the part where your tulpa can “possess” your hand and arm and do the suggestion for you....definitely will make them laugh and have some fun).

        Then as you continue to the rest of your count, you should unconsciously (or your tulpa should) reach your chin with your hand. Then as you count to 5, you slowly put your hand back down and state you're in a deeper state of hypnosis, etc.


        HYPNO#2-D : Tests #6-14

        TEST #6 Sayings:

        Just make sayings up to 5 where you get the strong sensation of a fly on your hand, then for the rest until ten, you'll feel the sensation of the “annoying fly” on your hand fading away.

        TEST #7 Sayings:

        Make sayings that suggest you can feel the warmth as you count to 5, and then the warmth going away all until 10.

        TEST #8 Sayings:

        Same at #7, except you feel the breeze, then it slowly fades away

        TEST #9: Pretty straight-forward, just follow the short explanation in the TL ; DR version

        TEST #10:  Same...make sayings up until 5 that your arm will be stiff and unable to bend, then the rest of the count you'll gradually be able to bend it with ease.

        TEST #11: Just count up to 10 or 5 that trying to open your eyes will make an unpleasant experience, and how closing them and keeping them closed is more pleasant.

        BY THE TIME YOU REACH TO 12, you should be in the MEDIUM STATE, the LAST THREE TESTS are for getting into the HEAVY STATE :

        TEST #12: Just Count up to three (without worry about any sayings/phrases/etc.) that you'll listen to your favorite song OR listen to your tulpa (advanced vocalization training in a deeper hypnotic state!)

        TEST #13:  Just count up to 3 or 5 and make a suggestion that you'll have a dream (like being with your tulpa and having all that unconditional love-dovey stuff) for several minutes


        Test #14: Just make a suggestion that you won't feel any pain (don't stab/cut/injure yourself/dig skin deeply with nails please)

        HYPNO#3 : More Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        Question #1: Dude, omg, what's wrong?!?! I don't feel anything!!!

        [u] If you don't feel yourself getting into the hypnotic state, “STOP expecting” it to happen...just go through the process. As long as you visualize, add feedback (with the next count's saying), you'll be fine.

        It's not supposed to be “I'm suppose to be this way when I reach this state,” it's just simply having confidence and using present tense and demanding (not desperate) words that will get you far. Chances are, if you don't feel you're more relaxed, it probably [b]eluded
        you. That's perfectly fine, just keep going.

        If you stumble, just continue where you left off, or start from where you think you left off, or just start over with the specific test you stumbled a bit on.

        Question #2: Man, this guide was long, “TL ; DR” !!!$!elventyone11

        Well, if you want to spend the rest of your time lurking around the forum and not getting your butt back into tulpaforcing (and possibly using self-hypnosis for more productive results), then just don't read the guide! If you can't help yourself, no one else can do much for you!

        Question #3: You said to use present tense, but you used “shall in those example sayings/declarations/suggestions/commands!!

        “Shall” is a future tense word, but it has a more demanding vibe to it. It's implying that this is GOING TO HAPPEN as if it's WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DESTINED/BORNED/NATURAL AT. Words like “will” imply,

        “Okay, it kinda might happen, ya know?”

        We don't want that. Use “Shall,” and be confident with it.

        Question #4: Help! (specific Test #1 is confusing!) Help!

        I'll do my best to answer any questions you have. I didn't want to make the guide TOO long (it's already at 4,639 words the moment I typed “already” )

        Question #5: Help! I had a difficult time getting out of the hypnotic state, is this a bad thing? Will I becomez deh crazies?

        It's perfectly normal if you couldn't get out of the hypnotic state when counting to a certain number while suggesting you'll be able to get out of it with ease. Next time it happens, just relax, and simply count up (or down if you want).

        You're not going to be crazy or have any kind of mental defects if you couldn't get out of the state. Being in such a deep state is easy to get out of. Just relax and repeat as needed.


        Well, that was one big guide, but I'm positive by the end of this guide (or at least those who used the shortcut with CTRL+ F on my list of recommended sections for just Tests #1-5), you'll feel confident about self-hypnosis, cleared any misconceptions of it, and had general questions answered as well.

        Thank you all for reading, and this IS GOING TO HELP if you just WORK towards it. It may suck, you may find yourself dozing off easier, but trust me, when you're dozing off, you're getting into the lethargic (light state) quicker!

        When you can still be aware and sustain yourself despite feeling the tired sensations, you will become proficient in tulpaforcing/imposition/whatever tulpa-related skill you want to practice in the light state of hypnosis!

        And if you go beyond towards Tests #6-13 (#14 is optional), you'll have an AMAZING experience with your tulpae!

        If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, and I'll respond to the best of my abilities![/b][/b][/b][/b]

      • [b][b][b]
        Sorry about the misspelling of "second" with the "secont" posting, I guess the guide just magically merged together despite the character limit.


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