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Looking For Help With Tulpa Related Project
EDIT: Link to source code and schematic file repository:

Link to the prototype IN ACTION!!! There is sound and light and colour and everything wow its so neat.

I discovered Fede-lasse's brain entrainment suite Eye-Bo a few weeks ago. I had one issue with it, which was I couldn't use it while laying down (which is how I active force). So I had the idea of trying to port Eye-Bo to a pair of glasses.

This device, which I have come to call the hypnoglasses, is currently being developed with the ATtiny85 (an 8 pin microcontroller), and the Arduino IDE and programming language. Currently I have the beta software and schematics ready now and available at the above link.

What I ask of the tulpa community is help. I am looking for people to contribute their ideas and code to the project, so that it can be changed from my project to the community's project. If you have any interest please respond to the thread, or e-mail me, or PM me. Eventually when the project is ready I plan to have this project submitted to the Resources section of this site. I talked to some people on the GAT and they were on board with the idea, but I want this project to be tested more extensively, and better supported by the community before I do this.

I don't plan on, or ever want to sell or make a profit on anything related to this project, including source code and schematics. This whole thing has been a labor of love, and hours of my time spent on writing and debugging the code.

The whole project is open source so there is no esoteric process to create your own version of the software or join the team. To help with the project, all you need is a computer, an arduino board, and the ability to write in C++ or Arduino.

I will use this thread for general news and such about the project. Please do think about helping out.

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