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Lumi's Dreaming Thread; Dreams of Moon
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Lumi's Dreaming Thread; Dreams of Moon

Almost two weeks, oops. I'm caught between not reporting boring stretches of time of doing the same old thing, and not not posting for weeks at a time. Well, I've just been attempting dream recall improvement, though I suck at dedication and such I guess so I'm barely making progress. I'm 50/50 remembering dreams or not when I wake up, although until a few days ago I couldn't really recall the first half or so of the dreams I had, and now it's another 50/50 as to whether I remember a large chunk of the dream or just the last "scene". It's annoying how brick-wall it is, not a sliding scale but giant chunks. Remember no dream/remember the last portion of a dream/remember basically the whole thing, those are my options, and I don't get to choose. But anyways, I'm still working on it, but certainly not at a pace that's going to make any significant changes any time soon. I feel bad about that, saying we could lucid dream any day now and then making basically no progress for half a month. I'm used to it, but disappointing you guys is like disappointing my tulpas all over again. It bothers me... but I'm out of words to say, pleas to bargain with the universe/my brain for, motivation to try specifically hard for short periods of time (just me though, the others can still do that).

I have been spending time with them a little more consistently lately, though. I just wish I had something to do with Reisen. Lucilyn and I play games, I talk to Tewi for advice, I just spend time with Flan because that's what she wants (specifically - obviously I want to spend time with them all, and I do to some extent just talking/etc.). But there's no real situation that comes up that makes me think, I should involve Reisen in this, or something like that.

I'm a really good tulpamancer when it comes to giving advice, but my lack of motivation sure does stop me from following my own good ideas I suggest to others. I can literally write a post to myself about how best to deal with my issues, and it sounds great, but it doesn't play out like that. Spend time with one of your tulpas every day, switch often (preferably multiple times a day), do wonderland and/or imposition sessions with them all every full moon. But it turns into just talking to one or two of them a little bit every day, not switching until I give up with my lucid dreaming attempts for a while or something, and just imposing them all before I go to bed on a full moon. It's really terrible. I'd say I'm really terrible, but I know this affects them when they're fronting too, but I guess they're all better at fighting it for their own reasons. You would think my love for them would motivate me more like it does for Tewi or something..

Though for all I know, and my best guess is, it does motivate me to do practically all the things I do, and without that motivation I'd do nothing at all. So I try not to be too hard on myself.

I've fallen (back) asleep on my back two more times since that post, I think both times because I was trying to recall dreams in the middle of the night. Naturally if I was tired enough to do that I also don't remember the time very well. But waking up afterward on my back (you know, like ~45 minutes later as I do throughout the night) doesn't seem to be affecting dream recall/vividness at all. I kind of thought it would for whatever reason. Anyways one time was like 11 days ago and the other was like 2 days ago. I don't see much benefit to when it happens, and it's slightly uncomfortable for my head I guess? But if it really starts becoming a common thing (three times out of the 100+ chances this year it could've happened? sounds common to me) that would be nice, as it'd let me wear the REM-Dreamer in the most reliable position. Too bad it's basically impossible to predict happening, and turning on and putting on the REM-Dreamer wakes me up too much to fall back asleep still. So I haven't even been trying to wear it.

Also my schedule's been trash for like two weeks now. As of yesterday I'm waking up at 5AM again, and I intend to keep it this way. Really all that means is ending any gaming sessions with friends early, which sucks and all, but it's for lucid dreaming... My brain is just incapable of considering things a big deal I guess.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.
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01-29-2018, 02:10 PM
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