Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

Making 3D Models of your Tulpa(s)
Note: You can pm me if your references are NSFW.

ITT, I make 3d models of your tulpa. This can vary from doing just the head, or even a full body sculpt! I want to experiment with whatever degree of realism that I can. Things I know I can do well on:

- Human
- Humanistic/Humanoid
- Anthro

Things I'm not so good at:

- Feral
- Ponies (because the last horse I sculpted looked like an aborted fetus)

I can't give you the 3d models for free, however I could sell them I can present turntables, pictures, and even videos of them for free. I can easily rig humans, or anyone that has some quality of humanistic feet, but whether I go that far depends on what I think I'm capable of doing. blah blah, here are some examples: (Dark Elf) (I lied, I did sculpt a horse, but she was more anthro than feral)

Things that will make this process go by faster for you:

- References. Front, Side, 3/4 view, etc. would be nice, but not necessarily in that order

- If you give me artistic freedom, chances are I'll shoot for semi-realistic


I may not be able to do the slots in an orderly fashion, and it's really based on what I'm capable of doing at the time, but yeah, shoot away! If you have no references, or give me a stick figure drawing, or a really basic outline without some degree of potentially being 3d, then I may not be able to do it.


1. schlondark
2. Glitterbutt
3. AracnidsGrip/Rick
4. Brassow
5. knightwriter
6. LifeInside

Don't take it personally if I can't do a model of your tulpa for whatever reason.

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Placeholder, sent stuffs via pm
Didn't we talk bout this for me already once? I seem to remember you offered to do a model of me in one of your comments on my Living Imagination thread. I have lots of reference pics if you want to see them.
Feferi: Please do one of me!! I look like Katherine McNamara dressing like Feferi Peixes, from Homestuck. Only the clothes, not with horns, gray skin or black hair, please. Jijiji.
Vriska: I would love seeing a 3D model of me, jejeje. I'm gonna send you the references in a PM. XD

Vriska: The left one is my reference, jejejeje. And I look like an anime version of Vriska Serket, from Homestuck, to give you an idea... Just that I still got my left eye and my left arm, and my hair is blue, jajajaja.

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Might as well snatch a spot, sounds pretty cool.
Eva the gardevoir, wears a Maska-1sch helmet.
Reference images
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My Tulpa's about three weeks old her name is Mary Jane (yes I took partial inspiration from the comic book character at this point that's simply one of her layers)

Her head is based on this photo.

Her wardrobe is pretty extensive best to go with something fairly recognizable.

This blog is litterally nothing but referrence points.

I've given her a half dozen choices and spectrums to choose from so far with elements of her form but we've just reached basic tulpish a couple days ago and I've been neglecting wonderland for a few days so I'm not aware of her choices yet.

I want her height/proportions to be right we have a little trouble maintaining consistency with those aspects.
Ah, if you could do a 3D model of Seren it would be awesome!

She looks like this except that there's no sclera around her eyes. If you can include the sclera, it would be frickin' hero-from-mars awesome. If not, it's fine. :P

I only have a front picture of Seren as a reference. However, good news: she's unconsciously based on Menma from AnoHana

Even Seren's dress looks like Menma's.

Thank you in advance!!!
Currently working on Seren, so that she gets to shut me up frequently.
Yeah, adding a sclera will be easy-peasy.

Thanks for submitting all your requests, the 6 slots have been filled, and will be closed for now until I finish them.

WIP over schlon's tulpa, Lex. Took me about 90 minutes to do this so far. Still have a ways to go, though. Also, I don't know where I'm going to go with this, as this was just from imagination along with like two references from their reference folder

[Image: AAJxoc3.jpg]

The image was stretching the page, so I resized it - Vosaiu
Okay, time to work on the body later on.

[Image: ZRYuM1K.png]
btw hosts if you want a 3d model you can also use makehuman. it lets you customize a lot, like breast size, firmness, pointiness, volume, nipple size, and nipple point! I really love it!

btw use blender to render it the makehuman renders look like fucking shit
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