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Making 3D Models of your Tulpa(s)
(06-30-2016, 06:19 PM)lain Wrote: btw hosts if you want a 3d model you can also use makehuman. it lets you customize a lot, like breast size, firmness, pointiness, volume, nipple size, and nipple point! I really love it!

btw use blender to render it the makehuman renders look like fucking shit

Why not make a separate thread for the makehuman website?

Anyway, an update on schlon's tulpa. This isn't how it'll turn out, but this information will be baked into another low poly as well. And then, hopefully, I'll have a hairstyle going on.
[Image: dRABlyU.jpg?1]

They informed me that the abs looked weird, but this won't be an issue to change in the near future; I think it's the shader that I was using at the time, but chances are when I hand-paint the body, the abs will be non-existent; just had to sculpt in the basic features before I soften the shit out of it. I'll be preoccupied with another commission in the mean time, but, I will get back to these requests.

Going to keep this for future reference:

Schlon and Linkzelda Wrote:<schlondark>: abs doo look weird tho
<Linkzelda>: So, just make them less pronounced?
<Linkzelda>: no problem!
<schlondark>: not necessarily, I think its the medium
<schlondark>: like
<schlondark>: looks blobby I guess
<schlondark>: but probably something with 3d shadows and computer rendering
<schlondark>: though I will say the leftmost one has a rather ridiculously wide hip gap
<schlondark>: other than that looks good
<Linkzelda>: leftmost
<Linkzelda>: like
<Linkzelda>: which body part?
<schlondark>: like
<schlondark>: the forward facing one
<schlondark>: idt there's that much room in between legs
<Linkzelda>: O
<Linkzelda>: thigh gap

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Yes, the front looks a bit weird. The general shape and definition of the abs. The "V" is a strange angle, I think, too.
But I think the side and back really look great. I would just suggest having the butt ease into the lower back a bit more gradually. Other than that, pretty much perfect. Honestly quite impressed.
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Thank you for the CC, Kiahdaj, means a lot.


Anyway, to show you guys that I'm not lying about the commission I'm doing in the mean time, here's a WIP on it so far:

[Image: aOf9UJg.jpg?1]

Guess I can do dragons, and such. So anyone that has an anthro dragon tulpa, fire away!
Practicing on a random concept here:

[Image: I9U6oxg.png]

Trying to take a break from the commission for bit by doing this piece. Still have to do the hair, and I'm not sure if I'm going to sculpt in the bow and arrow as well. I might call it a day if the hair is finished.
I don't know much about this actually, but I really like everything you've shared so far, man!
Currently working on Seren, so that she gets to shut me up frequently.
Work in progress over an adoptable I bought a few days ago. This is the low poly version, but it might really just be "mid" poly since the body is a little bit higher in density than I usually paint in. Overall, the body, ears, and horns are about 5k polys, I think without the hair. I've been putting off the tulpa painting for schlon because I was worried how I would do the hair. BUT, I found a way to make some nice, neat curves in the future. This is due to a present conflict I resolved with a certain hairstyle that someone commissioned me to make of a character they want to animate.

If anything, these models I show mid-way of requests are ways to iron out how I'm going to tackle the different features of people's companions. Anyway, here's the black and white painting I'm doing that might take a few days (or few hours, because I'm sure I'm going to go crazy on my days off work later in the week) to get down before I start coloring it:

[Image: H3lxhC0.png]
You are really doing some amazing stuff with this Linkzelda! Love it!
Linkzelda Wrote:...Just make a request in that thread of mine with the 3D Models, and I'll add it later on.

OK, I would like a turntable of my Tulpa, Cheetah, please... Reference here:

[Image: cheetah___censored_version__by_deserttor...abc5wy.jpg]

You can keep the default model pose if you want (i.e. arms stretched to the side, legs spread a bit, etc...)

Also, something the original artist forgot (I don't blame them btw) he has eight whiskers on his snout, and has a dimple on his right cheekbone when he smiles...

EDIT: On Second thought, could you do a Vitruvian Turntable of Cheetah, That would Really help!

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