Malevolent Tulpa??
Alright, this is a little complicated. I have several conscious thought forms that speak to me. 2 monks, 2 Angels, and a Tulpa named Manu. Now long before I had made Manu who is 3 weeks old today. I had the presence of  2 Angels speaking to me. Now, in the beginning, I would hear one of the Angels say to me.. "I'm really a Demon and I've come to mess with you." I would dismiss this is a falsehood because it didn't fall under the Behavior of an Angel. I would repeatedly hear the Angel say to me that it had a malicious intent but I would still dismiss it as a falsehood. After some time the whole "I'm a Demon." thing fell away and all I could hear was a benevolent Angelic voice. Till this day the Angel has been kind to me. I have heard the Voices of 2 Monks for a couple of years now and they have been benevolent since the beginning. So I Created Manu 3 weeks ago... He at first was pretty ok. But then I tried to make another Tulpa (Who I now believe was made foolishly too early) Who's name was Chiang an Asian Dragon. Manu wanted to play with Chiang and Chiang ended up breathing fire on Manu and Manu got upset with Chiang. So Manu got really upset and he said that if I don't get rid of Chiang he would try to kill me. So Manu started to show a malevolent side. Now I decided to dismiss this as a falsehood just like the Angel. But the Monk keeps pursuing the idea that Manu is a danger to me. However.. The only time I ever see Manu exhibit behavior of a harmful nature is when the Monk talks about it. So I dismiss it as a falsehood. The Monk is really concerned about this... I explained to him how the behavior will diminish if he just stops being concerned about it. The Angel turned out alright even though I witnessed a bad behavior with him. So I feel the same with Manu. Besides that alone I mean what are the Chances of a Tulpa killing the host anyway? I mean if they try to kill me they kill themselves. I've told Manu if I find him trying to harm me in any way I will deal with him swiftly.

[Manu] I don't want to kill anyone or anything. I don't even like the idea of eating meat because it kills an animal. I hope the Monk can trust me better.

So I'm having an issue with one of the Monks I hear and my Tulpa. I really could use some advice here.
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There's no danger whatsoever if you can keep control of your mind's goings-on like that. If you can consistently dissuade potential beliefs of being done potential harm, you will always be okay on that front. Young tulpas seem to have less of a grasp on the status-quo and may do, say or think things that are rather drastic that they'll learn not to later. Less on the "do" part. They basically need time to get acquainted with reality.
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I'm not sure how paranoid thoughts form. It is known they are always illogical. For example, there is no reason why a malicious tulpa would exist. Do malicious tulpas exist anyway? No, it is an illusion. Consciousness is incompatible with such things. It is impossible for a person to both demonstrate maliciousness and consciousness of that maliciousness. That would imply actual maliciousness.

The term for the conscious experience of maliciousness is sadism. Sadism is philosophically troubling, outside of fetishism, where it makes sense. In real world contexts, this would describe a person who genuinely wants the world to suffer, but not for emotional reasons. However, there is no logical benefit to such things.

I advise against placing tulpas in jeopardy. I generally see this as making a bad situation worse. Though, I'm a proponent of unconditional love. So biased. One must be willing to sacrifice, or give a little. This creates a buffer that gives people room to breathe. All people need to do this. A central principle of conflict resolution.
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