Malicious Tulpas?
I'm asking a question for a friend who wants to remain anonymous.

Quote:This Tulpa was made before I actually knew about tulpa hood and it is currently "inactive" to a certain degree, it doesnt talk to me but I can feel it's influence elsewhere. It embodies every negative emotion, thought, want and desire I've ever really had.
It is a very malicious and evil being, resembling the worse side of me in every way.
It takes the form of a living shadow and it haunts me during the night, showing as many different twisted, smiling, monstrous faces.
I have Nyctophobia so it could just be that but I feel it's presence during Nyctophobia "episodes" and when I'm scared, or angry, or sad.
I am deeply afraid of it my two other tulpa's do well to "fight" it off but no matter what, I can feel it trying to bring me down.
It could just be depression or something else like that given a tulpa form
But.. this malicious tulpa wasn't intentional and came into being on it's own.
It doesn't want to front or talk to me but it seems intent on "corrupting" me and making me worse.
It makes my negative emotions feel like 100ft cliffs when they could just be a hill.
And I would just like to know if this is something that happens, and could be dealt with or is it just something I have to ignore?
I have had this "tulpa" along with one of the other two tulpa's for well over 4 years.
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I don't have enough information to know how sentient it is, however "not talking" and only wanting to be negative and intimidate your friend's system makes me think it's an intrusive thoughtform. We have had intrusive thoughtforms in the past; they were more like mind demons who only wanted to mess with us. Once we realized what we were, we simply stopped worrying about them and started to ignore them.

We have other thoughforms that are "evil" or came from "evil", however I don't think this is the same thing as what your friend is describing.
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This really doesn't sound like a tulpa to me. Your friend should see a professional.
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This doesn't sound like a tulpa to me. I would recommend your friend research Carl Jung and shadow work. This more resembles artifacts from Jung's frame work. We all have a shadow side. Most of us do not engage the shadows, with very ingenious ways to avoid it, some of which can be neurotic enough to result in maladaptive behaviors. Jung's position was very clear... If you want health, you engage the darkness, but not just blindly, fighting it, but in precise, therapeutic ways that help integrate health and wholeness. Few people offer Jungian therapy, and if you have one your area, it can be pricey. "One doesn't get to the light by running from darkness, shadows. One must push through this, as the light is on the other side" not verbatim Jungian quote.

PS, I echo Apollo's idea of seeing a professional. Mental health assessment can be free if you go to the right place, and there is no harm in seeking professional opinions. It can be helpful. Insightful. The more you know, the more likely you can respond differently to external and internal influencers.
The experience a mysterious dark and potentially hostile presence was well documented in the early days of the forum:

[Subselves] The Shadow

Isn't it possible that these Shadow People could be Servitors? Just a thought..

Tulpas and Shadow Self

The consensus view of the time is that the Shadow is not a tulpa, though it seems to be a common component of the mind.

If it's troubling your friend, I also endorse the recommendation that they see a therapist.

I never had a corrupting influence in my mind, but I did have a well developed voice of criticism and condemnation. Vesper conquered it and it went away. She's dispersed some of my other fears and anxieties, because they have no hold on her. Generally speaking, tulpas seem to be able to do much more against the dark and unwanted portions of the mind than vice versa.

Our approach of destroying darkness shouldn't be taken as condemnation of a more Jungian approach of engaging with it. But our approach has worked very well for us.

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I am okay with that method if it works... The mind is interesting place... My intrusive thoughts have decreased in frequency since engaging in this. Loxy is such a bright Light, I suspect darkness is an impossibility in her presence... Light seems to be the only effective tool against darkness, but some good things come from darkness. Sleep. Babies. How would we distinguish between an epiphany, the lightbulb going off over your head, if the world was brighter than the idea?

Thank you for those links, E.V
Yeah, tell your friend to see a professional. For a non-professional guess as to what might be going on, read here, especially under sections talking about "Persecutor" and "Psychotic" alters. The thing about being multiple is if it's a healthy thing that doesn't interfere/hinder with their life or cause distress then no kinda diagnosis is needed. If it does, then, well, at the very least it couldn't hurt to have them checked out. It might just be buried trauma or any number of things that will hopefully come out and resolution.

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