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MariaTheFictionkin's Artwork
MariaTheFictionkin Away

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Wink  RE: MariaTheFictionkin's Artwork
Nameless (Son/Soulbond)

[Image: BjAvqcX.png]

[Image: Xanxq0S.png]

[Image: fkoePRm.png]


His "quirks". Like how Shadow has "quirks" (the antenna, prehensile intestine tentacles etc.). The tongue is reminiscent to the inner jaw/mouth of a xenomorph and his hands stretch out and become blade-like appendages. Name also has blue colored blood, hence the blue veins. Just like his father, he can change his form at will, so this isn't a permanent look for him.


• Microsoft Paint

• Sumo Paint (for transparency & text)


Artwork © MariaTheFictionkin

Nameless © MariaTheFictionkin
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