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Marked As Read for a System
When we go through the "view today's posts" list, usually one of us fronts to look at and respond to threads. As a result, the title of the thread is no longer bold because whoever was fronting already read it. However, if I or Ranger were to log-in after the previous fronter a few hours later, all of the threads the other person read are still bolded because the new fronter "didn't read them yet".

Is there a setting we can turn on so when one of us fronts and reads posts, they can be marked as read for the other account? It's mainly an issue when Ranger or I think there's a new response only to realize the other account thinks we didn't view it yet.
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I suppose that'd be a good feature. Our system uses it to know what we have and haven't personally replied to, though. For stuff that doesn't require a second opinion, we middle click each of the threads and X out of them all in a row.
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Helps us see threads such as this one, but at the same time, means I also just had to X out of eight other threads. I don't know whether or not it's possible to do in the first place, though, so.
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