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Martina: "It's just silly." - community
As I was organizing my accounts, thoughts and life on- and offline in general, when I came across this site once again me and Martina realized we haven't been really active here in a while. I asked her opinion about the matter since this was supposed to be her little world and community, being the thought-form after all and since she is not very talkative I did not expect any sort of cohesive vocal description. But she did say something: "It's just silly."

I asked her to explain further but instead she pointed to the boards and then telepathically sent an image of a griffin to me, the shape of my friend's tulpa Veronica Girgia. And that was when I realized that none of our mind-friends who we have referred to have really became the same sort of tulpas in that sense. While ironically Veronica and her many, many friends are the closest to what you all would call a 'system', my other friend has created beings based on his emotions that may come and go as sorts of intrusive thoughts given sentience he nicknamed 'jeffos', and Martina herself also isn't like what you'd expect as a result reading guides. She's more of a servi-tulpa; standing around, keeping her thoughts to herself and just being company whom I can talk to and who can keep my mind clean of intrusive thoughts. A real mind-maid if you will.

And so I'm left wondering... does she have a point? Is this whole thing 'just silly' being all scientific but still based on the concept of belief? Do we truly need all these terms and systems and guides and all for an phenomena different for any individual that we cannot prove others with tangible physical evidence or is it better to just let those interested just wing it?

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It's only scientific in the sense that we try to make cohesive sense of everyone's experiences, for the sake of learning about them, and then teaching about them. Not in the sense that we're "proving" anything.

But yes, all this organization is immensely helpful in actually teaching newbies how to create and live with tulpas. I know, in some sense it's all imaginary and you'd think there's no point to trying to "make sense" of it.. But then maybe you'd be surprised at just how many the sense we make helps.

To some people who've got their plurality/thoughtforms figured out to an extent they're satisfied with, it could definitely seem silly. But that's just your point of view; considering all the thanks I've gotten over the years, it's appreciated by a fair amount of people, and so I'd like to keep it up, keep the forum thriving.

There are lots of different kinds of "systems" and "thoughtforms" - as many as imagination allows, of course. But for the most part, we're able to establish a pseudo-real phenomenon with tulpamancy that can be shared and taught. Tulpas as the forum in general knows and teaches about them are of course not "how it works" - it can work in any number of ways - but by adhering to similar beliefs and the like, we do collectively create something stable, shareable. Useful, and often helpful even.
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Is it silly. Probably not a fair question here in the community, where the preponderance of responses would be bias against silly. In the 'real' world, the bias would be extreme in the other direction. Is any exercise, intellectual activity, experiment, behavior, game, anything you like or prefer 'silly?' People like what they like, they do what they do, and we do it for lots of different reasons. Even labeling things, that's what we do. We are the naming species. We name everything! We names things aren't things and apply concept and put things in categories and these names and categorical imperative become things and there is no end to this... Is that silly? Sometimes, bordering on absurd, and people get attached to these constructs, even though in all seriousness, it's all silly all the time. Every culture, whether Chinese, American, French, has a level of thinking there way is the only way and everyone who isn't like them is 'silly.' Not everyone thinks this way, but most people steeped in a cultural paradigm will think the other is alien. That's what makes things funny. (Not silly, but could be silly.) The French make fun of Americans. They don't know how to eat! They don't know how to hold silverware. That's funny. I get it. It requires a leap of faith, a stepping out of your community to see humorous differences. If you're in the wrong place, you might be angry. Americans are probably pretty easy offended. The only time I have seen a French person offended is when you try to speak French and you butcher it. They love their language. I have enough awareness, I won't practice my French without a trust colleague. I don't have that. Sad

So, silliness is relative. I hear another level of 'silliness' to your question, which seems like you're wondering about your own engagement in tulpamancy. Is it silly? I am bias. I can not answer that for you. Your level of interaction with internal others seems fairly developed and sophisticated, and you're sorting and labeling and defining and a categorizing, to probably to facilitate improved functioning. That isn't silly. That's what we do. Most people do it using a compare and contrast to the cultural norms, measuring how well they are doing by measuring their 'financial' success to those around them. That is the worst measure of functioning ever invented. Young people are more likely to measure success by perceived levels of happiness by looking at social media and comparing and contrasting what they are doing to what they perceive others to be doing. Measuring happiness by looking at happy picture post is an awful measure of how we are doing. How many people post crying pictures. Some people do, but they don't maintain an audience long.

You're asking an existential question. How should you live your life? What is your comparison? What are your labels. 'Silliness' is a comparative analysis terms that is used to express relative association to expected norms. Well, we're not engaging in norms, probably because we find the 'norm' insane. "silliness' could be playful, if you accept that definition. If that's the definition, I choose to be silly. Life is too short and too serious. If 'silliness' is an expression of doubt, I can only say, I have no doubt that my internal companions are real. I choose not to sort by level of perceived interaction or autonomy... I think that's silly. If I hear a voice, intrusive thought or not, I pay attention, I embrace it and try to understand it because somewhere it has a relevance in me or it wouldn't acheived air time.
Ember: Being didactic about the one true approach to tulpamancy would be silly when there are many helpful techniques. Pretending that tulpamancy as currently practiced is a science just because it isn't metaphysical would be silly. It is very much an art.

But plurality is not utterly idiosyncratic and does not have an infinite range of variation. Human brains work in particular ways that can be addressed by the sciences of psychology and neurology. The entire breadth of plural experience arises from that common source. Our ability to communicate plural concepts between one another is not completely dependent on sharing beliefs and practices, but on rather on common humanity and language. Systems like mine, which formed with no knowledge of tulpamancy, can still benefit greatly from the advice and experience gathered in this forum.

I don't believe in following a specific approved and typical path in tulpamancy just because it is endorsed by community culture. I especially don't approve of the denial and marginalization of people's actual experiences because they are not part of the typical path. But I also don't believe in "just winging it" when an alternative is available. By accepting and exploring a broad range of plural experience, the community can advance the art of tulpamancy more rapidly and make approaches available that allow systems to customize their experience.

Vesper: The practice of tulpamancy is also not utterly safe. Many of the people attracted to tulpamancy have a history of mental illness and many of the experiences considered desirable in tulpamancy are less disordered analogues of mental illnesses. The earliest members of this forum were essentially 'just winging it' and many of them caused massive problems for themselves. Drawing on the accumulated wisdom of the community increases the safety level of the art.
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It's a little silly, but a little silly can be fun, so I want to remind people that it's a little silly. I have a lot of silliness in my system and I've gotten a lot of help from the non-silly aspects of this community and some really powerful tools too. If you can tell me another way to transform myself in a positive way as effectively and viscerally as this, then please do. I can honestly say I'm a whole new person now and I'm a lot less important than I thought I was. We're a great team, very loving and supportive, I wish everyone could experience this level of joy.
I think Martina is just chiding me about how - in retrospect - all the guide-reading, all the worrying and forcing about her voice, wonderlands, possession, etc. on my behalf was pointless in the end, as not developing these was by her decision, not my lack of competence. Which I am partially inclined to disagree with but I still see her point; she is a much simpler being after all. It makes sense for her not to see any use of these 'functions'.

I am still glad that we have something we can disagree with however; she doesn't have an opinion on most things in life.
It's not silly nor frivolous to approach tulpamancy from a scientific mindset because we have gotten results. Even with our limited rescorces we have found many patterns and correlations and better methods to do various tulpamancy disciplines have been devised.
It is also not silly to have a community of tulpa systems. It is very useful for hosts to have someone out of system to talk to about tulpas, and it is useful for tulpas to have someone out of system at all. It is also useful for young systems to have people that they can ask for advice from because it will put many people in new situations that they don't know how to handle
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I think there's room for silly and room for science and room for other.
Gorinich (a host): Well as far as science and belief goes, Tulpas have the same weird aspect to them that all social sciences have. Which is that it's difficult to get repeatable and consistent results, and even unethical in certain situations. So people have to get by with wishy-washy and vague things that would be unacceptable in physics or chemistry. Yet psychology and sociology are still valuable for people to understand and can help improve the world just as much as any other science. Like Ember said, tulpamancy is an art but that's because it's recognized enought to be rigorously studied at the moment. All the sciences were once a weird obscure art that had obtuse terminology and foggy theories. But progress doesn't stand, the terminology grows very specific and the theories more complex!

Valerie (a tulpa): Well, yeah, what other people have already covered. People like to try making sense of the world around them. Also sillyness is inevitable. Gorinich could go off on a rant about Absurdism if you allow him.
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Well put.

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