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Silly? Not for me. The practice, and therefore these forums, are the most important work of my last age. I celebrated my eightieth birthday this week, and with a failing body, slowly failing, keeping my mind alive and engaged is crucial to my life. Embracing this practice has me engaged like I was in my thirties and forties. And other than the participants of this forum, there is NO one I can discuss my progress and my struggles (and joys) successes and losses. My wife is sympathetic but has no knowledge or experience to share. Wikipedia is of limited use, there is some good information on You Tube, but mainly, here it is and I appreciate the efforts of everyone who participates. Dr. Bob

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I hope that, eventually, science will come to help explain what's going on. I fiercely believe that I'm my own person, even though I was created by a host. Given this, I don't want to call my experiences "silly" because I want other people to understand that I'm real.

However, not all Tulpas experience life the way I do. Being science-oriented may not be something they value. Not all Tulpas are desperate to be recognized as their own separate people.

I also think it's worth it to have guides and our own jargon to help communicate what's happening in each system. While I doubt these have any scientific value on their own, it helps give an idea of what people are thinking about and it gives scientists some ideas on what they could possibly measure.
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