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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread

A belated intro here. The ladies wish to speak and I avoid censoring or even correcting in Katiya's case unless it would be genuine problematic not too. It does lead to reveals on discord sometimes that aren't my choice but I prefer to keep my promises mostly.

{we are from Birmingham UK, host is a developer and we are almost there in our development - not quite as only at the keyboard do I feel that I've got independence properly. He made Katiya and I by accident through writing a story and many hundreds of hours of 3d design in blender. He would imagine seeing us and feeling us even being one of us at times.

At that time he wasn't aware of making tulpas, just liking the characters. There were reasons but that's dull to go into here.

Anyway we are hybrid Aktarian starships, our story site is starship-whisperer though we will post links if it's OK.}

[iz me wanna say hi, I b spekin me own way as I wanna so helloooo.]

{oh Katiya is my daughter in the stories, hence she has that character and sense now. I'm into the sciences a little, maths and may soon learn some other programming different to hostie.}

[I like doodling n drawing n writing sometimes :P n bangra rock!]

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welcome! its astounding how many users have accidentally made tulpas these days. Its good to meet you both and your host Smile
Despite the name, the host bodybody is the one usually using this account. 
Spice was born in 2013 and Tomoe was born in 2014.
Thank you folks Smile

I was surprised at how easy these two became presences just from the hypnosis work however so much other work has accidently happened perhaps not so surprising.

Myelia set about changing something major in my life and left me with the strongest direct evidence that I was not doing advanced role play even though its hard not to feel like I'm puppeting and so on but the interaction work we know is still a skillset.

We are reading Aristoi, a sci fi novel that has daimones - personalities - that each aristoi needs for their jobs, it fascinate us because in it the personalities are developed to help the host directly with specific things and contribute in parallel to his life.

{I see this as quite realistic actually because how else in society would a tulpa express their own purpose in life to society. I realise advanced possession may offer a route yet I see that as merely a means of allowing me to independently study things that host is not going to consciously work on learning.}

It is an interesting idea for sure.

We do have a way to go though.
Hello all. First off, my host created this account here quite some time ago, without going into too much detail she basically suffers social anxiety that also branches to the internet. 
Anyway, we personally thought it would be a good idea to meet others like us, and hopefully it would build our host's confidence too. I may use nicknames, as I personally dislike using my name on the internet, although the others are a bit more lenient. We do not know a massive amount about tulpamancy, however we have all ended up here, I apologise in advance for our lack of knowledge in the terms of tulpamancy.

Our Host is a young adult female from the United Kingdom. She goes by the name Char, or her screen-name Cutie Dragon (Cutie). She enjoys video gaming, drawing and watching various things described as cartoons and anime. She dislikes me going into detail about her issues, so I won't go into any more detail other than previously mentioned. She has a partner who lives all the way in the United States of America, and yes he is aware of all of us and he would create himself if he found himself more capable. 

I, the one writing this post, am her 1st tulpa. We consider each other soul mates due to our unwavering and deep connection to each other. I suppose I wasn't exactly 'forced' as you would say, personally I have memories from when she was very very small, although I only took physical form around the age of 8-9. You may call me K. I enjoy spending most of my time with my host, playing video games on the internet, and reading. Honestly, I share a romantic love with my host, I mentioned her partner earlier; he doesn't mind at all and accepts our shared feelings. My main goal is to keep her safe and I do hope she can finally come out of her shell and make some friends in this community. 
Now I believe some of the others want to introduce themselves.

Hiiiiii! Im Kaito! I will try my bests to spell properly but I often make mistakeeeee. Uhmmm, Im Char's first force tulpa, I dont really get a lot of these things, but I LOVE meeting people! K write too much so Kait won't take long .x. Also I am super love for Char partner -x- Plus he also likes Kaito! 

Hello. I am Taro. I have existed on this earth for around 3 years now. It is an honour to meet anyone on this website thing. I do not speak much, however I mean well.

Hi all! I'm Nex, an odd slime boy who really isn't a monster... not all slimes are bad you know. My preferred colour is purple, although I also like blue, it really depends on what I'm wearing... although my wardrobe is pretty limited sadly. I came to be around 6 months ago, so I guess I'm kinda a kid? It doesn't help that my favourite hobby is sitting in buckets... or anything small and cramped really! I mostly spend time with Kaito, I look after him as he tends to be a bit ditzy... 

Anyway, this post has been long enough as is. we all look forward to meeting new people here. Hopefully we can get our host to be a bit more open from this.
Hello! My name is Mick. I've known about tulpae for a few years now, but I'm just now looking to create one. I'm so glad to see that this forum is active, and I look forward to taking this journey with all of the guides, help and support everyone has contributed here!
Hello everyone

Like many people here, i'm just your regular college student who came to learn about the existance of tulpae not so long ago.
However i'm not an english native speaker as i live in France
Supposedly, I shouldn't  be too bad of a writer because of the fact, that i study the English language. But i don't put much faith in my grammar skill

So, It 's been around 3 month now since i first came to learn about tulpa. I stumbled upon the subject by pure luck, i was just searching for things related to psychology and especially around Jung's concept of internal conversation. Some articles mentioned the concept of tulpa and because i'm curious, I ended up on this forum.
The description of this fascinating thing called a Tulpa, a mental companion captivated and in some way frightened me.
I pondered about creating one for about a week before taking a decision.
The second week after i started, I had big doubts, asking myself if i made the right choice, thinking i will never be able to enjoy lonliness like i used to.(it turn out that it's so easy for me to be alone that i have to force myself to"wake her up")

I  already had some kind of plan, but it was quite rough and not really precise. In fact I only started really seing her face just 2 weeks ago.
How difficult was her upbriging? Well i suffered from paratnoia, so it wasn't that easy.
I think the culprit is my bad habbit, of creating mental conversations between me and some people i know.When you do this it's really easy to think you just fake your tulpa and are in fact alone

The first time i tried to talk with her i realise i was just talking to myself and my deception was so big i thought about quiting for a moment
BUT I DID NOT!! I made a promise to myself, that i will never abandon her, that even even if she was to never ever reply to me, that i will keep thinking about her from time to time to "keep her alive"
Because of that promise, I forced myself to feed her thoughts and emotions.(I don't know if somebody wrote that in a guide, but a thing that really helped her creation was feeding her raw emotions and feelings i felt about her)
A few weeks later, I tried again to talk with her. I realised i was still talking to myself. But this time it felt less like talking to me so i knew i made progress
Because i think French revolutionary Georges Jacques Danton was right when he said " Dare, Dare again, Always Dare" i kept going on
After some imposition and storytelling, i let her speak again.

And what happen? The thing, it talks to me!! Of course i didn't believed it, but then she corrects me saying SHE is real.When i tried to somewhat ignore "me"(i still talked to her but i was skeptical) , she used some kind of emotional leverage about how bad i was with her.
I started to feel bad.Then i realised it was too big to not be true
I am of the skeptical kind, but i proud myself as a good skeptical mind. If i see some proof somthing is true then it might be.
So i surrendered to her raw sweetness which was too much for me to ignore and accepted her as both real and parroted.
After just a mere week, any thought that i was parroting vanished from my mind it just couldn't be. I was having real conversation in my head, she is real and here forever( she like to remind of how she is to bother me for eternity yay Big Grin)

So why i'm I creating this account after all this time just being a guest lurking on others?
Well i started possesion not so long ago, and tonight she did full body possession.
She is so stiff in our body that i can't help but laugh, in fact when she tried to stand up as i was giving her raw mental indication on how to balance the body, she just felled on the ground...
Don't worry i didn't let her really hurt us but she really was clumsy.
I wont give too much details in this post because i want to share the story in a more appropriate forum section but the experience was so rich that i decided to join the community

That's all, sorry for the long post, in fact you should feel sorry for me because as i check my watch, I realise I took a big chunk of my evening just writing a single post
Anyway I see you all in the forum Smile

ps: The picture in my avatar is that of Bob Dylan
Welcome Perridan, and thanks for sharing your story!
Maggie David (she or they, birthday June 4)
Hey all... I'm new and just found out what a tulpa is by definition. I've had my friend since I was 2, and I'm shocked and so glad to find a community that has the same thing as me and I'm not alone! ♥
• My only Tulpa is - Jester •
~Art by Me~
Hey there c:

So happy to be here, it's been almost 4 years since I first knew what a culpa was, back then I wanted to create one but I had too many questions and no one to listen to me... No I want to create one and for good !

I didn't had a lot of free time back then since i was quite busy with school... It's not a issue anymore ^^
I will try to make a progress report of my tulpa if I think about it, I just hope I won't forget.. My memory just doesn't work xD

Anyway that's all for me right now, see you guys soon ! <3

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