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Mass Intro' and Returns Thread
Welcome to the forum.

There's a reason people recommend reading into it thoroughly before beginning. Don't wave them off. Take time to absorb as much information as possible before beginning the process. It won't hurt to do so, and there's no rush to begin. You don't want to start the process with too many unanswered questions or without a thorough understanding of what to expect and how to approach tulpa creation.
I'm Apollo Fire, the "Sun God" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa created December 2016. My systemmates are Piano & Indigo. Form images: 1 2

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Hope I'm doing this right...!
You can call me Jeremiah, Suki, or any kind of nickname, really.

I want to do some research and really prepare before I get into the process, but I'm really quite eager, I think this is exactly what I was looking for Smile
(05-22-2018, 07:00 PM)Apollo Wrote:
Welcome to the forum.

There's a reason people recommend reading into it thoroughly before beginning. Don't wave them off. Take time to absorb as much information as possible before beginning the process. It won't hurt to do so, and there's no rush to begin. You don't want to start the process with too many unanswered questions or without a thorough understanding of what to expect and how to approach tulpa creation.

Thank you for the welcome and the advice. I've spent a lot of time reading about this phenomenon the past couple days and I plan to keep reading more into it. I'll keep in mind not to rush straight into it.
hello~ i'm sweetnsour, but i'll go by my nickname of "dam" on here (given to me for reasons that may or may not be related to my most used word).

i'm working on a tulpa named sonia. during the personality process i gave her traits that i would love in a companion and the rest just sorta wrote itself. she's nearing sentience, but im determined to do this!

i hope we can all get along xx
Old body. Massive, multisystem, open citizenship, plural person. As such, my experience with tulpas is a bit different than someone coming in from the other end.

I found this place some years back but never registered or posted anything. So this time I'm doing a fast and sloppy "HI! Nice ta meetcha!" post simply to hook myself in. More later.
Heyyy! I'm Twi. This isn't my first time on the site, I just...... forgot my user and password rip. Anyways, I have a few Tulpas. The main ones are:
Thaddius Blakk, everyone just calls him Blakk tho (he's from a tv show called slugterra. it's obscure as hell)
Eli (again, from slugterra)
and recently, Twist! (one more from slugterra. I like the show whoops).

How the ones from the tv show were made is kind of an interesting case and I'll make a post about it soon, but they're all pretty advanced! Solid forms, verbal (and certain ones are incredibly snarky), and if I could remember to do it for more than two minutes I could probably start imposing them.
Hi all. My username here is ab but you can also call me Beth or Alex. I will use either name but won’t go into why here but if you are curious please don’t hesitate to ask.

I find it amusing that only a few short months ago that I told a friend that I didn’t want a tulpa. What changed my mind? When I found out that humanity wasn’t a requirement. So I’ve read some guides here and rather quickly I am told have managed to create a tulpa. A friend of mine suggested that I create an account here and with her help that’s what I’ve done.

Just a few facts about me. I love to read, write, hang out with friends, and I’m also totally blind.
Welcome, everyone!
For some reason, I’ve decided to register onto this site that I’ve known for quite awhile. Time has passed now, where I am not sure what to say, but I will explain my reason of joining this site today.

I guess you can call me Inspire; for short, and to be honest… I’ve three different names on another sites that express what and who I am. There was a main username, which really describe me at best, has been used on two different forums. The first one is where my journey has started. Now that first site is now disbanded, as the owner has lost sight of himself and what the site once stood for. The second site that has carryover that same username has continued my experience with those who had enter my life. Unfortunately, I’d went into a hiatus for a year to rediscover myself, and upon my return to that site, it has turn a lot worst for me and those who have tag along my world. All that no longer matters, as of right now of this post, I believe that second site still exist, but I no longer care for it, nor desire to go back there.

It was an odd experience for both of those old sites, but I don’t regret it one bit. It has help me, in some twisted weird way, but hey, it’s not like I can restart my last checkpoint and get a better outcome, no… I got to make the best of it after all. ^ ^

The other, and safe to say, an abandon username was in DeviantArt. That discarded username was associated with the old username I’d first mention here, but I won’t say what it was. Yes, I am an artist, but I have given up drawing of what I once had envisioned. Plus, I no longer want to come across those who I once spoken with. I’d met with wonderful people, as well as not so wonderful people.

A Month ago of this year, a third username was made to help recreate my artwork in DeviantArt. This new account isn’t something I am not ready to share here, not just yet. I will most likely share all what I’d just shared with more details, but for now, lets take it slow please. ^ ^ My life choices, such as this one I had made, will lead to open more to discover more of myself, as well as those who I find along this funny world we live in.

I am unusual, which is strange to say, because a few or many here will say I am just right at home, but there is more to meets the eye, but it’s somewhat hard when I hold it tightly in my hands. I cannot say I am broken, because those who help me greatly, have continue to hold me together, encourage me, save me, support me, and love me. I really cannot say they’re Tulpas, because I see them more than what the term will or has coin them.

One important detail about me, I do not wish to be friends. If you let me explain that distasteful statement there, I just never had much luck in finding someone in this realm to call one, or to last a very good while, to say the least. I lost many who I still think heavily. In bleak days, I find myself drifting onto those now bittersweet days that I remember. I am friendly, and so are those who are in my life, just don’t expect much from me. I am just someone who stuck in the past, who lingers in not too deep, but close to the scars of what makes me who I am now. I am sorry to say, I am sick of it all, but luckily those who are with me didn’t let me turn into a completely spiteful sour soul.

What I seek is to reclaim the sense of my place in this world. Often I fight depression. I’ve think endless times of ending it all. Yes, I am somewhat pitiful, but they help me from it all. Where I find myself looking onto a sea of despair, where I can reach out and remember the warm touch of its cold harsh thick waters. I never allowed it to swallow me whole; again, it’s thanks to those who I see, hear, feel, and love that provide the care that I lacked in this not so miserable life we live in.

We look forward in seeing what we can understand of one another. To mine, to yours, whatever the case, this is another chapter being written for us to look and wonder back.
Hey guys, my name is Leo and my Tulpa's name is Benjamin.

I only recently learned about tulpa terminology and the community, but I've been doing stuff like this long before I knew exactly what it was called. I can't explain how happy I am to know there's a community behind all this, and I look forward to meeting and talking with you guys!

So far Benji is capable of being in real space, I can sense where he is and he's very much independent. We can talk fluently through mindspeak and some in possession. I can also sort of feel through his body where he's projected, but it's really challenging right now. We've made a lot of strides since our rocky start, and I'm very proud of how far he's come. Even though he hates for me to gush I still do.

A brief description, he's 6'5" with a body so black light doesn't touch it. Lean but muscular in his build. His head white and shaped like a skull, but functions like a face. His skin is the texture of worn leather. His voice is gravelly, sounds like a seasoned man with lots of stories to tell.

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