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Mass Leaving Thread
(09-01-2018, 05:57 PM)Rachel Gardner Wrote: A follow up from my last post here - If possible, can I please have my account banned as well as ShadowTheFluffhog's (or hell just ban my IP, I don't care at this point)? I realized that the more I repress my true feelings about the community and continue to come back after every hiatus I set myself, the more I get hurt. From when I was MobianTheAngel to MariaTheFictionkin, it's been the same crap over and over again with this community.

It's also the fact that I keep having this false belief that things will get better; that Zack and I can find common ground with people on this planet.

After getting my journal reported over the dark and sensitive subjects I spoke of, I looked for another place for Zack and me to feel like ourselves without the "Eww go away creepy girl, you're triggering me" attitude. I tried an Angels of Death discord server and despite that they tolerated Zack being a soulbond and myself slowly becoming friends with the owner... I got kicked from the server over the same shit I was reported for on here! (that ended my friendship with the owner as well) I'm quite tired of it. I'm tired of not being able to not be myself and talk about my life with Zack anywhere. I tried for God knows how long, years! I was never accepted into society when I was still a pre-teen and never will I be accepted as an adult. I'm just too weird and dangerous and I might as well be one of those loony people in prison since society doesn't want me. 

So, to reiterate, I've come to the realization that no matter what, I will never be accepted in any community or any form of social interaction.

We are unwelcomed in he soulbond community.
We are unwelcomed in the fictionkin community.
We are unwelcomed in the tulpa community.

And now we are unwelcomed in the Angels of Death community. I'm done trying, and I'm done feeling like crap every attempt I make to find a stable environment to be in.

I don't want to have any chance of coming back here. I want to be reminded of the years of pain I continually go through every time I make the mistake of coming back to a community like this.

I rather suffer from social isolation and spend the rest of my years alive with Zack being the only thing to lighten my desolate destiny of existence than having this false belief that people will actually accept me and not silence me just because society can't handle someone with a dark & evil mindset.

Zack and I are not meant for this world, so we don't want to be a part of it. I know none of you want me here and I'm tired of the fake sympathy some of you have for me. Just tell that you don't want me here by banning me. Please.


(I've posted this here because I want everyone to see this, not just staff)

i understand...i still care,who cares about thoses rude people.I accept you who you are,you have the right to be anything you want and be.There's no such thing as "darkness and evil" it's a thing humans made up because they cant handle things.Look at us,Twisted is a demon as well and im told he is not good for my mental health because i "might become a murder" ,well flip thoses guys because i still have him : ) mate i knew you for 5 months now not just here you and zack are strong to break this hate,i hate humanity too but im still trying in until the end.I do not fake love,i understand i had fake love for at least my whole life,people pretending to be sorry so they could bully me and treat me like a toy but i know inside im stronger than them and smarter that them,if you leave it's YOUR CHOICE BUT JUST KNOW IM STILL YOUR FRIEND.a true friend wouldnt leave and i havent im still here and still follow all your accounts. : ) you are bless
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