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Me and a friend are thinking of making a tulpa each
I told him about tulpas today and he seemed very interested. We have been talking about it a lot and are considering making one. However he is concerned about some of the cons. The main one being that you're pretty much stuck with it. So i was wondering if you friendly people would give us some pros and cons regarding creating tulpas as well as the chances of the cons appearing and some general advice.

We now basics but like How detailed should they be? more info on the wonderland would be helpful? can you get rid of your tulpa?

This is my first time on the site (i may have come here a while ago while looking up stuff) so i might seem a bit errr... nooby.

Also if anyone has any information on having a tulpa and taking lsd

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(05-15-2014, 10:34 AM)sgt Cinnamon Wrote: More info on the wonderland would be helpful?
Can you get rid of your tulpa?
From the FAQ:
Quote:Q: What is a mindscape/wonderland?
A: A mindscape, also known popularly as a wonderland, is a mental environment where the host and tulpas can interact visually with eachother, without the need for the host to impose their tulpa into their physical environment. A wonderland can be revisited time and time again, although it may change under your own will, your tulpa's will, or subconsciously.

Q: What is the difference between mindscape/wonderland and any other imagined environment?
A: An imagined environment is any given temporary mental scene or scenario, such as those experienced when day-dreaming. A wonderland or mindscape is a more permanent, albeit dynamic, environment that persists even when you aren't consciously thinking of it, that you or your tulpa can return to repeatedly.

Q: How do I permanently get rid of a tulpa?
A: There is a way to get rid of a tulpa, but you should first think about if you really want to do that. Tulpa is a person and if they made you angry at them somehow, then you should talk about it together instead of trying to grab a gun. If you still think that this is the only or best way to resolve the situation, then ask around.
Hope that helps a bit but your going to have to search yourself to find all the answers you're after.
Just one tip, follow it or not, as you wish :
Think about it. Yeah there are ways to get rid of a tulpa but don't create one if you're not sure you can cope with him in the first place.Give it a little time, at least a week or so (some would recommend more) and then you'll see if you're ready to begin.
Good luck !
Another way of looking at the whole dissipation thing:

I've seen a few individuals that even after so many months, they want to start anew because they feel they're not getting anywhere. Maybe they could be taking for granted of subtle breakthroughs, and their resilience just snapped completely. They take what they learned from here in hopes of doing better in progress. So one way of looking at this is that some people go through a process of several tulpas, finding mistakes in how they (the host) conceptualizes what they want from someone they imply as sentient, and moving forward, for better or for worse.

The more their preferences change, or at least being aware of the myriad of preferences they have, the more likely they'll probably want to change something about their tulpa. But because they probably have some insecurity in the stigma of those that feel that encroaching your own preferences and desires for the ideal person (which varies based on the relationship you want) would be considered selfish, they're at a conflict. So maybe in order to dampen the burden and stress that causes, they just create some euphemistic justification that they'll start anew.

Ironically, it's just a euphemistic way, or sugar-coating that their preferences are getting the best of them, and they can't really be comfortable with how wanting some things being expressed through their tulpa (e.g. kindness, motherly-like demeanor) can be integrated, just not in a connotation where they feel they're doing it militantly, and feeling as if their tulpa is being constrained from having their own free will.

People would naturally want to declare to you to be a bit introspective before dissipating a tulpa, and some justifications for this could be:
  • If there's a problem you have with your tulpa in general, whether they're in development, or you presume they're developed to accomplish basic endeavors you yearn for (e.g. small talk, philosophical discussion, possession/switching), talking things out may eventually help bring a resolve between the conflict. Because if you try to run away from further discussion, you're just sublimating it through any action where you feel you should start anew with a different tulpa. You just end up masking those underlying insecurities you may be having with (e.g. oh, you're stuck with "it" for the rest of your life).
  • What a person wants in their tulpa is bound to change over the course of their lives, and their tulpa may very well engage in some metaphorical metamorphosis of their sense of self as well. People who suggest talking things out either are slowly realizing that learning to accept that change is inevitable, and that the dispositions from both host and tulpa have potential to change, wanting your tulpa to express themselves in a certain way that makes you feel at ease doesn't become stigmatized as being overly selfish. Because there's all sorts of justifications we can make to feel something is selfish in general (e.g. "why would you want a tulpa for coping with existential strife with life?" "why you want a tulpa for practical purposes in order to have overall mental rapport with yourself?"). In other words, people seem to have cognitive dissonance on some reasons why people may want a tulpa, and feel those desires, even if their existential truths they create that barely have any detriments, should automatically be taboo, stigmatized, and immoral

If you're intimidated, at least from the OP, that you're stuck with "it," then it probably just implies you're curious to see if this phenomenon can be true, and then be done with it. Or maybe you just want to be those individuals who create tulpas that have a transient existence in helping their host cope with their quotidian lifestyle. If the latter is true, it would raise questions on why you need someone you imply as sentient to help you there when you can formulate, go through trial and error, and other means of assessing things by yourself. But then you'll get another opinion on, "why not have your tulpa contribute to that?"

It depends on the perspective you have on this, and because we can easily make our own justifications, sometimes that allows us to dampen the effect of having negative connotations towards a particular action or endeavor. To one person, they may be anti-dissipation. In another person's perspective, they may not really be so militant like the former because they may add a justification to being loose (e.g. if you decide to dissipate your tulpa, at least keep the memories of what you learned from that experience with you, i.e., a justification that progressive development is inevitable, and that you'll probably make a lot of mistakes in the journey, but that's part of what development could be in their mind if you can reduce the amount of error in trial and error).

Then there's people that seem to deny that a tulpa is really just "this," or "that" (e.g. a concept that by going through a self-fulfilling prophecy, they become real to the host), and try to find ways to distract themselves from accepting whatever underlying concept could be true to them. Because they feel that if they embrace that, they may think it objectifies their tulpa, i.e., their existence suddenly becomes an mental object that can exist for as long as the host cares about their existence (whether it's through conscious acknowledgment, or unconscious desires that develop and become internalized after a while).

It's really how you want to look at it, and there's many more perspectives I could put out there. But again, we can justify anything, that's how our corruption, or our potential, or our revelation and means of learning in life begins and continues to develop. You'll eventually realize this journey is subjective because the sense of liberation that we may want in life adds on to how we may want to create our own personal significance along with our tulpas. What may be a bad action to some (e.g. don't dissipate your tulpa) could be a good thing to others (e.g. if you have to dissipate your tulpa, cherish the memories you had with them, and use that to evolve your understanding, and become a better person). Or a person could think "Oh, you're just lost in reality on the novelty of your tulpa, and if you dissipate over and over, you'll never be satisfied."

It depends on what an individual thinks is a bad thing, and they'll probably conflate it on concepts that could have some compensating good in the future, and thus leads an individual in an impasse/deadlock. It just goes to show that whatever we personally feel is right and wrong doesn't really have long-lasting inherent value if other people can create their own subjective meanings in the first place that could conflict how much value we put into certain values.
Although I just started forcing 2 months ago, I would recommend you guys think about it for a long period of time first. Build up on your tulpa's personality through writing for a few months. Once you have written adequate information to work on your tulpa, if you feel like you still want to go ahead with the idea, then go ahead. However, if you have lost your interest over the months of writing about your potential tulpa, then you should not go ahead because of the lack of resolution.

Personally, I have felt like giving up a few times but I soldiered on, so I guess one of the cons of tulpa forcing is disappointment and paranoia during the creation stage.
(05-15-2014, 04:02 PM)Karias Wrote: However, if you have lost your interest over the months of writing about your potential tulpa, then you should not go ahead because of the lack of resolution.

Although this seems pragmatic at first, I wouldn't be surprised if a person gave up a few months, and came back with a new take on the matter. Maybe some people end up doing that for years before they make any significant breakthrough. And I guess to shorten that potential lapse,

(05-15-2014, 04:02 PM)Karias Wrote: I soldiered on.

And if they can't, then it's back to them making justification after justification until they start becoming cynical and edgy on what to do, but eventually make progress because they stripped out the BS they used to think was bad was actually beneficial in the long run.
(05-15-2014, 04:59 PM)Linkzelda Wrote: And if they can't, then it's back to them making justification after justification until they start becoming cynical and edgy on what to do, but eventually make progress because they stripped out the BS they used to think was bad was actually beneficial in the long run.

To be honest since I only just started making a tulpa a few months back, during these few months I've felt shitty about "not having progress" and being "parrotnoid". In the end I'm just worried that newcomers jump straight into making a tulpa without proper planning and dedication, so I used myself as an example.

Of course, after "soldiering on" from those difficulties I have learned that they are definitely beneficial in the long run.
(05-15-2014, 10:34 AM)sgt Cinnamon Wrote: Also if anyone has any information on having a tulpa and taking lsd

I've experimented with that recently. I've had mixed results and wouldn't recommend it solely for tulpa progress.

My first trip, tulpa communication was greatly increased. After my second trip, which was a negative trip overall, I could hardly reach my 2 tulpas. After my third and last trip though, things got better though not to the extent that they were after the first. Right now, a week after my last trip, my tulpas are clearer than ever.

All of this was a fairly low dose of 125ug of lsd. I plan on getting some 277 blotters soon and experimenting with that.

Oh yeah. Most of the trip it's hard to stay focused and generally bad for tulpaforcing. The afterglow is useful though. All of it is really fun.

full writeup is here. very last post.
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