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meltie’s doodle thread
first post! I’ll be recording any bits and pieces of art that I draw of Ollie here ^^

Art really helps us with visualising, as spending some time really thinking hard about how Ollie looks and making it into something that exists in the real world is on the whole pretty rewarding.

I don’t draw as much as I used to, mainly due to mental health stuff and school, but it’ll be the holidays soon and I intend to get back into the swing of things. That being said, I’ll update this with anything I scribble out at random, so it’s probably not going to be too organised haha...

Anyways, here’s some scratchy ass doodles from me figuring out what the hell Ollie looks like. They aren’t very consistent (just like my art style (´-`) but that’s all part of form creation, isn’t it?). I intend to make more finished, coloured, digital pieces at some point but at the same time I am a broke child whose drawing tablet is literally 5 inches wide so we’ll see I guess.

Outside these drawings, Ollie is a realistic (almost) human dude. I’m not that good at realism though, so rendering him as a cute little cartoon is kind of what’s gonna happen, sorry!!

ollie writes in this colour!

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Very cute! I love that expression on his face!

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