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Mentor Program?
A couple of people in the intro thread have asked for a mentor. I've been thinking I would've benefited from having a mentor. What do you all think? Would anyone like to be a mentor? I'd be happy to do a little organising and pairing of mentor-wanter and mentor.

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I don't think people should come to just one person for advice on their tulpa, a lot of people here have conflicting opinions about the tulpa creation process, and a newbie shouldn't get all their information from one source (their mentor). I know they would still have guides etc..., but if they have been assigned one person to help them make their tulpa they will probably just be lazy and ask their mentor everything. I know a few people here would try to give as unbiased viewpoint of tulpae, but I don't think there is enough for a mentor program.
How about they put in some effort and befriend someone? Send a member a PM, get to know them, ask questions from there. It's not hard.

Mentoring like this is lazy. I agree with puppy.
I know a lot of people that are new to tulpas are going through the same things we all went through at one time when we started.
I think having a mentor to positively encourage and help people along in the tulpa process would be helpful to some people.
A lot of us have been told "don't talk to strangers" and because of that sometimes people don't really feel comfortable to stepping out of there safety zone and talking another member, this way they would know its ok to try and contact them.
Sign me up, I would volunteer as a mentor.
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I would be up for having a mentor... I'm not sure I have the skills yet to be one, but I'd always appreciate having the support to fall back onSmile
I probably won't be able to devote as much time to this community as I used to, but I've always tried to post in most new PRs. I've always felt that posting in PRs is one of the most helpful things you can do, both for the other person, and for yourself. It spreads ideas and gives encouragement, and both go both ways.
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I agree with sushi, posting in someone's PR to offer assistance when they are running into problems can be very helpful
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