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I have heard a people talk about tulpas forcing other tulpas, but they always exist within the wonderland, and all other members of the system can interact with them. but has anybody had their tulpa create another tulpa within their mind that nobody else can interact with?
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supposedly that's happened ya, especially in systems where the tulpa has their own private wonderland (or more often a slightly more meta place they go)
but aside from in that scenario I don't think that's usually a thing no?

right when Lumi first made me it was only him that was talking to me, but the others probably could've if they wanted, they just figured it was better to leave it to Lumi/one person at first
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I know of at least one brain in which this has happened, and although all people in that brain were able to interact with the “tulpa” in question, the latter nonetheless remained mostly isolated in their own world; an exception occurred once or twice, in which the “tulpa” spoke to a person on the Internet briefly.

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