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Midge and I: A Progress Report!
This will be my first thread. I found this site a week or so ago, a few days before creating Midge. I've been reading a lot of random threads around here, and I figured I should open up a bit and create a progress report on how Midge and I - well, progress.

I created her on Friday, the 27th. On that day, I just figured I'd picture her as a warm, orange glowing light. I even had a different name figured for her. That day, I just focused on keeping her with me. And that night, I had a dream unlike any I've had in my memory. There was someone else with me, a female, familiar sort of someone, who just observed and stayed with me throughout the course of the dream. When I woke up, I felt her right away, and I felt her with surprising ease that day, and the next day, which was yesterday. Last night, though, I was starting to feel really, really tired, which I assumed was because of all the concentrating I'd been doing the past two days. I slept very deeply, and this morning it seemed to take a while for Midge to "wake up." When she did, she alerted me with her usual little burst of emotion, and I started talking to her, and I joined her in wonderland for a short adventure of sorts....

During this time, we were in a clearing surrounded by pine trees and full of red roses that Midge had created (she likes flowers.) She jumped up suddenly, all the way to the top of a tree, the very top of it where her weight shouldn't have been supported. When I told her that was impossible, she laughed at me and reminded me we could do anything. It was thrilling, and amusing, too, being told that by her.

Anyway, that's my first report for now. If I write anymore I won't be able to stop myself, so yeah (it's late, I was up early. That's also my excuse for any mistakes in this post!) Thanks to any and all who read! I do appreciate it.

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Wait, are you midge? Or is the tulpa midge? WHO'S MIDGE!

God damn it, I haven't even read the first line and your progress report doesn't make any sense. Also god damn it, why can't people just keep their progress reports short and consise. It's not a blog, it's a progress report.

But ignoring that.

Anywho, if you're really serious about this whole tulpa thing, power to you. Hope you manage to do something great with Midge and not... you know, mess up like so many other folk. Good luck with your endeavors, and hopefully you won't succumb to the "disease of the speedy noob" so many folk are getting.
Ah, haha my apologies. Midge is my tulpa, which is why I said I created her.

Thank you very much! Do you happen to have any tips to keep from falling prey to this disease you speak of? (Which, I'm going to guess, effects people who assume sentience from the start, but do correct me if I'm wrong.)

Also, my bad on the rambling sort of thread I posted above, but it was my first. I'll - hopefully - improve with time.

Thank you for your reply!
Have unprotected sex with your tulpa so you can combat the cancer with tulpa AIDS

The disease I speak of is more or less what new folk get when they are trying to make a tulpa as speedily as possible. A disease where the tulpa is sentient and vocal within the first week. And against popular belief, this isn't exactly a good thing, because it creates a lack of appreciation for the work you put into your tulpa. There is a weaker connection and quite frankly a higher likelyhood for you to pass them off as "just imaginary friends of your youth" when you grow up. Among other reasons.

Probably isn't a "disease" but more of a tendancy of new folk like you. Either way, if you can help it, it's best to avoid something happening like that both intentionally and unintentionally. And for this to work, you've gotta be sure you were aware this might take at the very least a month. Or perhaps you expected it to.

And the best way is ironically what people consider the worst way and that's listening to Faqman who's been shunned as "that guy who made the worst guide ever" by the newer folk. True, FAQman's stuff is outdated, and some of it could be counterproductive, but many of his big points work in an unintentional way.

One of the more famous ones being "Hour Counts". It's so devilishly brilliant and simple that it works so well. If you naturally think that a tulpa is going to take a long time, then you naturally may assume that creating a tulpa will have a pretty high hour count. At least for you. Therefore, if you start counting the hours, then it will slow your progress down because of an expectancy for certain things to be able to happen at certain times. A tulpa's development is partially reliant on the belief of the host on multiple levels.

Now, why is slower progress a good thing? Like I mentioned before, a longer development cycle is much better than a shorter one because you develop a bond with them. You will spend a long time working with them to prove to yourself and your them that you are dedicated to the process and development of the tulpa you will come to love even when they're doing such a small amount. You'll be able to prove your endurance. Second, because of the marathon you go through, when you grow older, they'll be less likely to fade BECAUSE you won't let them. You'll remember all that effort you put into creating them and you'll be like "of course they're real, I spent so much time with them!". They'll be so harder to forget and they'll be stuck to you. Even when they have their quiet periods.

Tl;dr Count Hours, they'll help you have a longer development cycle

Also, have a grace period of... say a week as your force. Take the first week to not exactly acknowledge any responses they may or maynot give. For the moment, just assume it to be you or random thoughts. If they persist, and/or become more and more complex afterwards, then you should probably acknowledge that they do have some level of sentience.

Eh... as for anything else, I feel like this is also note worthy. A tulpa is an individual who is just as alive as you. However they do start out as a delusion. So basically, for you to develop your tulpa, you have to delude yourself into them being real before they start developing. Doing more and more things that you don't expect.

That's all the advice I've got for the "disease that isn't really a disease but kind of" I mentioned.
Well, that's the one guide (okay, not the Only guide, there are a heck of a lot of them here) I didn't read. So, I'll go fix that now!

Thanks so much for your advice ^.^ I think it's safe to say that I probably would have been a bit too speedy about all this without your warning.

So, with all of that in mind, I'm going to take a bit of a step back now and... Slow down.

I do have one more question, I hope you don't mind.... This early into creating a tulpa (at least the first week, as you mentioned,) I assume the best thing to do is just keep them "with" you? Since they can't speak, or anything else really, it would be all up to the host and their imagination?
Quote:This early into creating a tulpa (at least the first week, as you mentioned,) I assume the best thing to do is just keep them "with" you? Since they can't speak, or anything else really, it would be all up to the host and their imagination?

Bingo. You just summed up another good thing for a host to do from the very beginning and that's to (if you can help it, and usually you can) constantly passive force. Even if they're vocal, if you can, stop for a moment and spend a few seconds explaining something you might be doing, or why you're doing it before going back to doing it. Or continuing doing it (you don't necessarily have to stop... in fact, doing whatever you're doing while you're talking to them will probably help your parallel processing of them).

But whether you're active forcing or passive forcing, yes. You've gotta keep them with you. Again, the more that you have them around and talk to them, the more delusional to them being real will become. And the more you delude yourself, the more they will begin to develop so they become less of a delusion and more of an actual being.
Alright, that's certainly simple enough to understand.

Thank you again, you definitely cleared a lot up for me. I'm determined to do this right, and if that means taking the long route, I'm all for it. Besides, it's more of an experience that way!

Happy new year to you all!
So, for the sake of ease, I have decided to imagine Midge as a cat for now, since I seem to have trouble visualizing a static human form. She is a black cat with green eyes.

Also, I pretty much skipped personality, so I went back to that yesterday and came up with this rough list: Loyal, courageous, silly, adventurous, clean, graceful, relaxed, personable.

Besides all that, I'm just doing what I've been doing, spending time with her while I go about my own business. It seems to be getting easier. At work it's not as simple, but I still manage.
I am working on personality right now (been pretty busy with work, so I've only worked on one or two personality traits a day (out of my list of 35). Yep, it'll take a little while at this rate, but I'm hoping that the extra time will give Midge the opportunity to really "consider" the things I go over with her.

I'm getting better at narration: at first, I stumbled a lot, and I felt like there was really nothing to say, but now - as long as I remember - I just tell her about what I'm thinking/feeling, or I tell her a story about some memory. Whatever I can think of, I'll talk to her about.

No responses as of yet, but I'm not going to be looking out for anything until after we've finished personality.

Also, I'm obviously not going to be doing daily updates. Sorry, there's just not enough going on now for it.

Thanks for reading!
Some changes.... First: visualizing Midge as an animal wasn't working out too well, kinda hard to imagine her as the "person" i had in mind. So I came up with a pretty random portrait of a figure that I can visualize with relative ease. It's basically a placeholder, she can change if/when she wants.

Second, and more importantly: I had a sort of epiphany the other day. Won't go into detail, but I'm now having a much easier time visualizing her, narrating, all that good stuff. She seems more real, basically.

Soo yeah. Progress!

If anyone is interested: she is pretty average-looking, except her hair is white (I have trouble visualizing dark hair. Dunno why.)

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