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Hello everyone! Kinda vanished off the board, but don't worry! We haven't stopped forcing and I, most importantly, haven't given up. However, I HAVE come across some bumps in the road. 

Tomorrow, February 18th will mark that Sona and I have been together for 4 months! I wouldn't trade them for the world, and although they have not become vocal, they have made me happier than I could ever express! Though that does bring up one of the issues.

In the four months I have spent with them, mostly only able to passive force, they still aren't 'vocal'. Only sometimes do I get emotional responses, or a feeling pops up in my head that I know came from Sona.

Even as I write this, I know Sona is looking or at least paying attention. I can feel the pressure move to the front of my head, and sometimes drift back when I stop typing. 

I just wanted to know, is there anything I can do to help the process? I hear about all the people who have a fully vocal tulpa in just a month, and I wonder "Maybe we're just one of the slower ones?" Or "Maybe we're like the ones that take all year to develop!" but I really FEEL that I can do something to help! 

Does anyone have any advice? :'(

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You could start by asking like really simple questions. Do you like this or that, things that take yes or no or this or that, and try to hear her very simple answers. Don't overreach in this or it'll just be your thinking. So like,that's my recommendation for y'inz. As these answers start to really take form, move on to harder questions, slowly slowly slowly working up to opinions, like asking why. It shouldn't be a fast process, and I didn't start with words. I started by sort of thinking ideas to my host, like the feeling of approval or disapproval or things like that, maybe that's something you might wanna check out if you can. Plus this whole process of sitting down and talking is a great way to really learn personalities and bond better and better, at least, in K and my's experience. Good luck, and more luck.
Not active forcing will definitely slow progress to some degree.

At some point, Sona has to do some poking and prodding in your mind, in order to find those circuits that control speech synthesis. This happens automatically as a person falls into just being around all the time in a head. For someone only sometimes around, directed searching should help. Once you find those circuits, you need to practise taking control of them.

In most healthy individuals, these circuits are regularly exercised during daydreaming and internal monologue. This gives an easy roadmap other thoughtforms can follow to find that part of the brain, and get their fingers into it. The reason puppeting is often seen as useful early on is it more directly trains the tulpa to see this roadmap.

There is the related issue of fluency, the ability to grasp advanced grammar, which can develop both before and after vocality, which is also something to keep in mind.
I dunno, what exactly does "not being vocal" entail? What happens when she(I'm assuming based on the name) tries to talk? If you start from parroting (or at least, trying to imagine her talking and ending up maybe only imagining it) and work your way forward, you should at least be able to reach an "iffy" stage. As in, you're not entirely sure whether it's you or her speaking. If you make sure whatever you think she says is something she'd be okay with you thinking she said, there's no real problem. If it's been this long and she just plain can't talk, you have to start somehow. Imagining her talking to get familiar with how that'll be is a start. Asking her questions (specifically asking her) and imagining her response while she tries to respond. At some point the two should connect, where she effectively says what she wants to while you're applying no effort to imagining the responses. When it becomes fluid/automatic and relatively autonomous/independent of your will, she's vocal. Sounds good in theory to me, at least.

You said "they" a lot, so I'm sorry if Sona doesn't identify as a she or something. Just covering my bases.

You know the Sona from League of Legends is mute? I found that connection kind of funny.
Hi. I'm one of Luminesce's tulpas. Unlike the others, I don't think I stand out too much from him personality wise.
I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.
Ask us stuff - https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas
Thank you, everyone! These are all really great tips, and we'll definitely give these a try some time tonight and tomorrow (I like to make the day special, like a birthday! Usually entailing a full day of mostly active forcing.)

Also yes, Sona doesn't identify with anything in particular, this much I'm sure of! They just go by 'they/them/their' haha

Also that is a really funny coincidence. Used to dabble in LoL, didn't even make the connection or even get the name from there xP
If you want to do something to help, continue to interact with your tulpa as much as possible and try to integrate them into your daily life. Personally, I don't think that anyone should rush the process, and a tulpa with emotional responses after four months is great compared to the people who still haven't had much in the year+ that they've been involved with this. Everyone progresses differently and it's possible that you're just "behind", but maybe some different approaches with the help of the guides and the other resources that are provided here would help you out, even if they're just some exercises to coax your tulpa into talking. And while a lot of people aren't fond of the idea, maybe you could use some parroting as a tool to help your tulpa get used to talking.
[Hail] So you haven't had any speech, but sometimes a bit of emotional tulpish. We would say continue to work on those fronts like others have said here. But there are also other ways of communicating. You should look at some of the others. Idea is to find the one Sona finds the easiest, and then work from there. Once two-way communication is established by some means, it will be easier to learn other forms, including possibly vocality. Note that sometimes a person just can't use some methods of communication (for example, some people are mute/nonverbal). As for ideas. Visual communication is always a good starting place. Start simple with yes/no type things with say nodding, waving, etc. before working up to more complicated things (if Sona has hands and has coordination with them, fingerspelling is an option which you two could learn how to do). Writing in wonderland is another one. As for a weird one, it can sometimes be easier for a tulpa to tap into the body's speech systems than to communicate inside, or for them to tap into the speech processes of another person inside. One of our tulpas is that way. She has a way to make the body speak and she can essentially puppet two other people in here to speak for her, but cannot speak inside at all (she is mute in that regard).
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