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[Misc] Devolping values for a Tulpa after creation
In the past, I have read posts from people who complained about their Tulpa misbehaving. Sometimes their Tulpa would even threaten their host. I've read that some Hosts fear their Tulpa. I have come up with nine Guidelines to help develop a Tulpa and help it grow as a more compassionate being.

1 - When your Tulpa behaves well spend time with it and give it attention. Play a video game with it or Watch a Movie. Read a book or Graphic Novel. Do something that it enjoys. Ask it what it likes to do and do it. Send it feelings of Happiness or Joy.

2 - When a Tulpa Misbehaves you may need to Punish it to show that its behavior isn't acceptable. To punish it you could deprive it of a fun activity. Like not playing a Video game or watching a movie or reading a book. Explain to your Tulpa why you are punishing it and that the misbehavior is unacceptable.

3 - When doing household chores share yourself with your Tulpa as you do them. This will help develop self-importance.

4 - Take time to explain what Death is and the finality of it. How it is a bad thing and that if and when you die they will as well. It's a fact of life.

5 - Teach them about suffering and pleasure and how all beings do not want to suffer including your Tulpa. Therefore it should not want others to suffer if it does not want to suffer itself. Let them know they should have a positive attitude and not a negative one. Use examples of what suffering is. Ask them what it doesn't like and why. Let them know that that is suffering and it should not cause suffering to you or other systemmates because just as it doesn't want to suffer so do you and your systemmates. Ask it how it feels when you say "I hate you!" and explain that that causes its feelings to be hurt and that is suffering. So, therefore, it should not wish suffering on others.

6 - Act morally in your day to day relationships to show your Tulpa what a good relationship is. The more it see's you care for others the more it will learn to care as well.

7 - If you get upset with your Tulpa when it does nothing wrong. Maybe because you had a rough day and you're cranky. Apologize to it and show it that you care.

8 - When watching TV or reading a book or graphic novel praise good deeds that people do in the storyline. this helps make the Tulpa think that being good is cool

9 - If you are a praying type and like to pray. Pray that your higher power whatever that is will teach your Tulpa how to behave. I did this and it worked for me.
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