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[Misc] Eating
So my question is if I dont eat for some time and I do feel hungry foes my tulpa feel hungry too?
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Toby says no but it may be different depending on the tulpa. He Seys he does get hungry sometimes but it's less of a physical need to eat and more of a general craving for something in spacific.
I don't see any reason for them to, but they might. I don't think you should worry about eating because your tupper is hungry.
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Tulpas don't truly have any physical needs if that's what you are asking.
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I can't actually remember Bud ever being truly hungry, ever. We've "eaten" in wonderland together, but we don't really anymore. He doesn't care for it too much.
i've conjured any a dinner for rikku, and lucky recently, since lucky is a squirrel i summon her apples and fruit and the like
rikku isa chocobo so she likes gyshal greens and the occasional apple, red fancies more meat and fish.


Sarah: "I like food and can sort of want or crave certain foods, but I never get hungry like I need food."
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Thunderfall: "I don't need to eat. I don't get hungry. But that's just me. Sometimes I share a meal with everyone but I don't need to."
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I've heard of tulpae getting hungry when the host does, tulpae getting hungry and eating independently of the host, and tulpae not getting hungry at all. It's one of those things that seems to vary between systems.

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