[Misc] Finding Lost or Runaway Tulpae in a Cluttered Mind
So I formulated a method of tulpa location out of desperation that I figured would be helpful to some people.

Note: Before you start, if you are related to the cause of your tulpa's disappearance, then give them 2 hours to a day of time to calm down depending on what their reaction is/was.

Now, on to the guide
  • Go into your wonderland and find a large/open/clear spot.

  • Sit down and relax

  • Focus on creating a bubble of energy around you

  • Begin to expand that bubble around you

  • As you expand, try to have that bubble keep everything on the outside (NPCs, objects, etc.)

  • Once you believe to have a stable bubble, try to focus on the details of your tulpa

  • Then, when you have a solid amount of detail, focus on allowing your tulpa through that bubble based on all of the details you focused on

  • If you have problems that you need to work out, I recommend keeping the bubble stable as you talk to your tulpa(e)


As a side note, hello there! This is my first official post here. I go by OvO[Araneia] on the #tulpa.info channel on IRC. Araneia had gone missing on the night of posting this, and I had come up with this method because I couldn't find anything at the time. It worked, so I shared it on the IRC, and I figured that it would be a good idea to post it here as well.

tl;dr Hello all and thank you for your time ^v^

(Edit: Thanks to Snakey for helping me edit this post!)

*OvO absconds*

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hello hecatontango.

another method you can use is just sending out some sort of drone hunter that can just find a target and report its location and ask it to find your tulpa.
Yeah, that is another way of going about it, but like I said: I came up with this method out of desperation and is only one of many. But thanks for the suggestion!
Hm I don't really know when this would come in handy since I don't grasp the concept of a runaway Tulpa or how this could even be possible but some peoples' brains just work completely differently I guess
I guess this where Carmen Sandiego must be, waffles. As for the actual guide submission, the efficiency would be equivalent of paying for an ad for runaway/missing tulpas on a milk carton. I honestly see this exercise as a [Concentration] if you exclude tulpas (the whole bubble stability), but other than that, that fleshing out would make the guide another concentration submission akin to other concepts.

Maybe a title change would be better since it's the host that has to deal with the cluttered mind issue, and not the tulpa that's implied as lost or ran away --symbolism~~

I'll just wait for other GAT members before making a vote, but I'm leaning more on a disapproval for this for now. Also, "tulpae" might have to change too, if OP ever shows up.
Nice symbolism. That's about all it has. Disapproved.
The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)
Yeah I'm going for disapproval here. Pure symbolism and is probably not all that helpful anyway. I think that any sort of vaguely coherent method would work just as well.
Seems like it might be useful, going against the grain I am going to approve.

Folks, much as the term pains me to say, this is a frontloading problem. Tulpas don't go tend anywhere you can't find them. You may only think they did. You're in the same head after all. At most they're off thinking by themselves for a while or 'asleep'. People need their space.
Changing my blank vote to a disapproval.

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