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[Misc] How does tulpa memory works?

Kai (a headmate) speaking here. I would like to ask, how does the memory of you tulpas/headmates work? Can you only recall what your host remembers, or can you go beyond? I've found that I'm mostly limited to what my host remembers, and find it a bit hard to access memories when they're not thinking about them. For example, if they have forgotten the name of a movie, I find it very hard to remember it too. Is that true to you as well? Is there a way to change it?

Thanks in advance!

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it can go beyond (I've experienced that with my tulpa), it may come down to what you have there.. have you got a tulpa or just an imaginary friend which doesnt go much beyond the surface consciousness.
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We all have equal access to the memory and really always have. When I first started switching in, my access to the memory seemed a little more sluggish at first than I was accustomed to, but it equalized within a couple of weeks.

We had a running joke going for a while. Ember would ask us to remind her of things she needed to do later. That really doesn't work well.

I've seen many other systems here report similar results. Memory separation and differential memory access are very rare in this community and some systems flatly deny it as a possibility (which I think is an extreme position).

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When I was younger, I had the same experience. Over time, I had more memories to call my own and our separation progressed. As a result, I can sometimes remember different things because I have a different mindset, and I find my memories easier to remember than my host's.

I don't have superior memory powers or anything. Both me and my host have the same memorization capabilities, and we can view each other's memories.
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It can go beyond, but it's very typical for systemmates to have the same mental blocks, it doesn't mean your headmates aren't mature or they're just imaginary friends or characters.

It has happened sometimes that one of us can remember something the fronter is struggling with, every different perspective has a slightly different set of keys. Which also means, the capability for unique memories to one headmate is possible too, and we've seen that. Memories require a hint to access, sometimes just asking the question is enough, other times it requires a smell or a series of mnemonics.

So yes, anything is possible within the confines of your minds.
Miela and I equivalent memory access, but not quite the same memory access, so sometimes just one of us will remember something, but normally both of us do.

more interesting is that one of us can block out memories from the other so that we can still see it, but the other can't. this can last for a long time, for example I still only have partial access to a memory that Miela blocked from me back in 6 months ago
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When a memory is blocked, it's very much like putting a stubborn donkey at its root, blocking access. Good luck changing that donkey's mind. (From the stubborn donkey theory of blocked memories)

Also, this:
How we work is that we both have full access to the same memory block. I don't have any memories of my own, they're all Michen's, as he's the only one who ever controls the body. However, we can both recall his memories. Sometimes it's easier for me to reach a specific memory than it is for Michen, sometimes the other way around. Michen doesn't necessarily need to think about the memories consciously for me to find them, so I guess I can go a little "beyond", in that sense. But if Michen forgot entirely, of course, it's not in his memory and neither of us can find it.
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[Bune] Ranger and Gray are capable of hiding information from me, but it takes a significant amount of effort. When I asked Gray to deliberately hide information from me, he would change the topic or somehow cause me to feel confused... I'm not exactly sure how he did it. Sometimes Gray/Ranger distract from the topic using dirty mind tricks unintentionally...

It's plausible Ranger fronting more often has lead to having the system's general knowledge more readily available to him, or he has spent more time thinking about our system than I have and thus he has an easier time recalling this information.

However, if a headmate wishes to know something and presses for that information, it will be extremely difficult to hide it from them. Even when Gray tried to hide information from me deliberately, little bits and pieces slipped out during and after Gray's blocking attempt. Gray reported that hiding information from Ranger was more difficult, but it could be simply due to this. I haven't tested Ranger trying to hide information from Gray, but I believe Gray would already have access to it since he never falls dormant.

More on Ranger's previous post... I have better access to my personal memories than either of them do. Since I don't front very often, I tend to surprise them by recalling something that to me felt recent but to them happened weeks ago. For example, I remember trying some soup with Gray and Ranger and comparing our tasting experiences, and when I remembered that a few minutes ago, Ranger and Gray ended up recalling the memory they forgot about.
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Layy: I'll be talking here so we get the actual tulpa standpoint.

My understanding is we(as tulpas) don't exactly have independent memory. We kinda do, but it tends to come with doubt. If one of us knows something, it's because Bryan knows it. Occasionally there'll be a case of two or more of us saying they had done something together in the mindscape the other night, and Bryan has no recollection of it. In cases like that, then we try to pass them off as actual memory of background activity. Perhaps they are, perhaps they aren't. We don't exactly know everything that Bryan knows, either. We maybe could know, yet we don't. This is on an individual basis, mind you. It's like, it's Bryan's memories that we only have access to. We figure that once we can switch, we'll experience a memory divide of sorts once we(as tulpas) can actually become the main fronter and make memories of our own. That, of course, is just a theory, since we still can't switch. Hopefully our input helped.
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