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[Misc] I'm getting confused
Okay, so, I pretty much never doubted I was parroting until now. It's weird, it seemed so real when it was just simple responses and short sentences but now that Princes talking is just as complex as mine it feels like I'm providing both ends of the conversation. Sometimes it feels like he goes too out of character now that I know his personality. Sometimes our mind voices get mixed up really bad. And to top it all off sometimes his thoughts trail off exactly the same as mine do, I'm getting concerned, this wasn't happening yesterday but now it seems to always happen.

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This is happening to me as well, but I barely notice it. Here's something helpful, quoted from somewhere else on the forum, I don't remember who:

If you're sure it was your tulpa, it was.
If you're not sure whether it was your tulpa, it could have been.
If you're sure it wasn't your tulpa, it wasn't.
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I've asked Fench if it was her to get some clarification. Sometimes it doesn't matter which of us said it, so I just say something I know is me talking so the conversation can continue.

But it's easy to get your thoughts confused with your tulpa, at least at first. One explanation I like is that tulpas aren't exactly communicating in words. They're communicating in thoughts, and your brain translates them into words in the way that it's most used to. So those thoughts are often going to come out as the words you're familiar with using, until your brain learns to translate your tulpa differently.
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(09-05-2014, 03:57 PM)sushi Wrote: I've asked Fench if it was her to get some clarification.

^ This is good advice, too. When I can't tell whether a response was genuine or an intrusive thought, I ask. That usually clears it up (if I can't get a clear response, I then just take a moment to clear my mind and relax before continuing speaking with my tulpa; that usually helps to clear up those intrusive thoughts).
Just a little update on this. Today I talked to him and I guess he was working cause everything was fine, in fact he was better than ever. Happy ending I suppose.
Also, thank you all for the helpful advice, though I don't understand the asking for clarification thing, if you were parroting then wouldn't they say yes regardless? Either way, it's all good. I believe it was the fact that I usually only forced after cross country practice, and lately it's been 90 to 104 degrees out. Don't force when exhausted.

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