[Misc] Jimmy's Pony Creation Thread. Because you were too unoriginal to make your own.
A handful of things in this thread have been since proven wrong such as identity crises. That is stuff of the past it seems.

With that, I disapprove.
My guide on tulpa creation

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The guide's writer's personality shows through into the guide too much, and it has negative frontloading towards certain parts of tulpa which are not good things for a guide to have. Disapproved.
3/9 Disapprove
Disapproved. Linkzelda, we can count.
(03-04-2014, 05:22 AM)mayormorgan Wrote: Disapproved. Linkzelda, we can count.

This is to make it easier when scanning the guide submissions later, especially when having to see where to shift it as well. Filtering through 100s of guide submissions, and wondering which ones were reviewed, can be kind of problematic without having some mode of reference for the grind work.

Congratulations on being able to count, though. It would be nice if others that haven't been conscientious of voting in the past could do the same, instead of having submissions stickied for 2-3 weeks.
Do we seriously need a pony tupper guide? Also can't count help.

I don't get the entire Notes section. Well I get clopping but why are we mentioning it here. Guess we better mention in every single tupper guide what to do if you pick a premade form and have fapped to it.

Feels like a bit too personal guide full of personal issues and beliefs. I guess all guides are that to a point, but this one crosses the line. It's more like Jimmy's pony creation thread for Jimmy. Actually, he has a pretty good way of writing guides that seem like they should go to General Discussion, because even this one feels like that somehow. But I guess I'll disapprove here.
The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)
yeah I disapprove.
Disapproved, Tips or Resources, although may change it to a Blank Vote if you think my argument for Resources is compelling enough.

I'm not qualified to rate this guide as I haven't really visualized many equines, although the large amount of personal biases in the original post is enough to warrant a disapproval.

That said, if this passes, might as well make a few human anatomy guides, maybe a guide on visualizing 2.5D animu girls with the help of 3DCG and so on. I think that sort of stuff may belong in Resources, sort of like a visualization aid for people making tulpas with forms inspired from certain media.
Disapproved for me.
8/9 Disapprove, unstickied it is.

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