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[Misc] Just a serious question
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Just a serious question

so I feel like I am getting answers from the tulpa as when I ask a question my way of knowing if the answer is this or that there will be head pressure or there will be no increase in or no head pressure at all. so when I ask questions I think i'm getting answers but what I don't know is. is there actually a tulpa there or am I just making the head pressure myself?
serious question cause I can specifically ask and I normally get a answer that way but am I making it myself or did the tulpa making process work day 1?

P.S. I know I still need to do a lot more forcing but right now the most I can do is feel a presence or have a pressure sign of the answer to the question a or b question i'm asking.
01-13-2018, 06:33 PM
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RE: Just a serious question

A little of both. It's not 100% one way or the other as if you have a fully developed mute tulpa or no tulpa whatsoever, they develop over time. Your brain has to learn how to be another person, at the same time as it's being you too. Progress is progress, there's nothing tricky in gauging it, nothing "real" or "fake", et cetera. What you experience is what you get. Your tulpa will keep developing as long as you keep working on them, expecting them to be there/listening and trying to respond and so on. No need to worry about if anything "really is" or "actually isn't" your tulpa. If it is it is, and if it isn't it will be eventually. Generally when you're unsure it's somewhere in between.

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