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[Misc] Random question about Tulpas and mirrors/black mirrors
I have some questions about mirrors/black mirrors (A mirror with a black face typically used for scrying) and tulpas.

1. Has anyone used a black mirror to help in creating a tulpa? If so, was it used only for helping in visualizing the tulpa?

2. Would it be helpful visualizing a tulpa while staring at a mirror (Ex: Them standing/sitting/any pose next to you.)
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I'm not too sure about black mirrors, but I definitely visualize my tulpae in the mirror when a mirror or other reflective surface is present. It helps to see them better in a spacial sense, because most of the time, they are facing away from the mirror and towards me.
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I use mirrors in my wonderland to help things such as a height/proportion comparison, but can be applied in real life for thing such as imposition practice. I'd say try it, and if it works for you, keep at it.
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2. Normal mirrors seem to help a lot. Live in a house full of them and I think it's helped speed things up a lot

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