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[Misc] Super Awesome Tulpa Game Guide
That guy is either Russian, or he fishes off of the coast of Rhode Island.

Anyway, neat game Ned. I'd love to try it as soon as I find a friend who doesn't think tulpae are the works of schizophrenics :/
"Tulpa" sounds like an ice cream topping.

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(08-10-2012, 05:21 PM)NED Wrote: Disclaimer - This game is in beta testing and needs a lot of tweaking. Therefore I am not liable to Brain damage or dead Tulpae.

If you want to suggest any improvements to the game then go ahead!

O_O; I hope this does not happen.

Cool game idea. Definitely doing it when Spice starts having fluent conversations ^^!
This is disturbing me beyond measure.
Not sure if the channel is brimming with activity. Seems like it could just be something like a Forum Announcement on a “new” channel that’s probably a barren wasteland by now.

This isn’t to say that this gave a good intro and explanation of what it is, but it’s not really a guide submission. Disapproved.

I've seen NED pop up in a few threads, so maybe they'll request for it to be shifted or something.
I will have to admit, I have left this channel for dead due to college. I thought it was a good idea when it first started and had great fun with it. But, these things happen. Would be nice to see something similar come up to be popular with the Tulpa community though.
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Hey Ned, seeing that you're actually around here, I got you some things you might want to think of changing to get a proper approval and such.

A game like this that inludes tuppers and the use of a wonderland (and thus becomes visualization practice) might be something to be put in resources. But, because I'm pretty sure the IRC channel mentioned here is dead, you might either want to remove it or mention that there's no one really running a game but the channel is free for anyone to use, if they want to.

The IRC game rules are also made for this particular channel, but I think if you reworded them a bit, you could instead make them suggestions how one would run this game on the IRC, so they could modify it and easily play it on any channel possible. I guess you could also keep the game channel rules here if you really want to, though they might be better listed in the actual channel itself. Which it probably already does but hey, I don't really mind either way so do what you think is best.

The first part of explaining the game is good, I think the IRC part is lacking because it's too based on your own channel you're not even running now. So modify it a bit to make it more universal, and I think this could go somewhere. Right now I'll just be waiting for you to reply or do something before I vote.
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Yeah, I agree with Sands on this that if you format to where it's universal/generalized for other channels and all, this could pass by as Resources.
You got this NED, keep the train rolling.
Approved for resources
I would approve of this for wherever games go (Tips or Resources).

However, I think that it should mention that the specific rules at the end only apply to that one channel, which is now defunct, although I suppose someone could join it if they wanted (or make their own - people aren't stupid that they'd have to be spoonfed such things!).

I would prefer the modification (for moving example/existing channel/rules to the end of the post), but I could approve it without it as people can figure out how to get together/find other people on their own (there's probably large lists on /tg/-related places for finding other people to play with).

One particular slightly questionable rule is "Parroting is allowed for Tulpae that are not fully developed." - while I could see some people turn a RP character into a tulpa, or even doing something like JD1215's method while playing such a game - I do think some care should be exercised - remember this is your tulpa, not just a RP character!

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