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[Misc] The Tulpa Role-Playing Game Guide V4.0
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RE: The Tulpa Role-Playing Game
It isn't explained how to come up with the setting. Are there teams or what? How do you determine who wins? I'm not sure if this is really something people will make much use out of. I liked the idea but am thinking it's not something people would actually do. I'd probably want to test it for myself for real before giving an approval or disapproval.

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06-14-2017, 12:18 AM
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RE: The Tulpa Role-Playing Game
First impression: I like it. I think it could be fun. People who are into tabletop games could get a real kick out of this.

However, there are a couple of conditions that not every is able to meet to make this work. You'll need to have solid communication with your tulpa, and it takes quite a while for many people to reach that point. You'll also need a group of people willing to do this with you, and not everyone has friends that are understanding about tulpas. It makes it so only a specific kind of person can actually do this, but if you happen to be that person, this is definitely something to try out.

And as for the dice section, I think a few test runs are all that's needed to sort that out. Actually, a few test games might need to be done to really polish this whole thing up, but I think I'd be willing to approve this guide without that as long as the guide itself is corrected for errors.

As for spelling/grammar, I found a word left out:
If the tool fails the action, then the GM must provide

creativity is the is the only rule and requirement.

Missing apostrophe:
Tulpas development is encouraged by the game

Add a comma:
ability to build bombs at an underground resistance army, etc
the bartender's honesty, greediness, wealthiness, etc.

Also, remember to add a space before parenthesis. I don't know if I caught every error, but these are what stood out to me.

I think this guide is worth having on the forum after some edits and clarifications. You say that it's helped you and your tulpa, so I believe it has the ability to help others with similar interests. Even if they simply use this as a base, and make their own changes.

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06-14-2017, 01:59 AM
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RE: The Tulpa Role-Playing Game
Seeing as how my gripes with this are how it's run and are other things that could easily be changed by a GM, I'm going to approve this. After all, it's mostly just a bag of suggestions on how to have a loose roleplay with other people and Sands has already torn it up. It's a neat idea, to boot.

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06-14-2017, 02:59 AM
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RE: The Tulpa Role-Playing Game
+Stevie It would be a guide just for the sake of being a guide if I put this on an RPG forum, where there are thousands of guides probably better and more detailed than mine, and where most of the community probably doesn't even know about tulpamancy. The difference is, I put a simplified RPG guide on a tulpa forum. The point isn't an original idea, it's to frame an already existing idea in a way that tulpamancers could use it, and to help popularize it on a tulpamancy forum. It would be much quicker for tulpamancers to have quick access to a bare bones guide on this forum than to scour the internet for information about a game as complex as Dungeons and Dragons and ultimately feel daunted by the sheer amount of resources and variations there are. And as far as I checked, there's a distinct lack of RPG game guides on this site.

+Beatles Yeah, I was thinking of expanding the scenarios section, anyway. Teams are optional. As mentioned in the Goals of the Game Section, there's no built in win condition, the GM decides if there should be one at all. In fact, a large portion of the game is optional and it depends on the GM to incorporate what they want to.

+Heckhound Thanks for the thorough feedback. My grammar skills usually start slipping after about... eh... two paragraphs. I briefly touched on the issue of development levels in tulpas in the "Skills Required and Benefits From The Game" Section. I believe that it's possible to use the game as narration for an undeveloped tulpa, even if it's not exactly 'playing'. About the player requirements, I should probably also thank you for reminding me. You can play with only tulpa players. Although human players could be helpful to expose tulpas to other people, there's no rule demanding it. Single-player RPGs have existed for years, and this game could definitely function with only one player. Also, I will admit it, I designed this game for the reasonably advanced tulpamancers and tulpas. I think I'll have to mention the player count somewhere, hmm...

+Ponytails Thanks very much!

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06-17-2017, 11:24 AM
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