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[Misc] The Wonderland RPG: Making Intrusive Thoughts Bearable
Intrusive thoughts can be nasty little things. As I write this, my tulpas and I are recovering from a day ruined by the worst wave of them I've had in my nearly two months of being a tulpamancer. It was a rough one. So when Richard, my eldest tulpa, told me a tip he had, I figured that someone out there could use a guide based off what he told me.

But first: a disclaimer: this guide requires the use of visualization. Those with difficulties visualizing or aphantasia may not find this guide useful, but I do have something in mind for those of you with said issues. If you have either of these, please scroll to the section labeled "For those with trouble visualizing"

With that said, the tip I was given was simple: make it fun.

"But Timer," you may say, "that's so broad! What do you mean?" Well, I'm about to tell you. Sit down, grab a nice drink, and get your tulpa(s) to read along too--because this involves them as much as it does you.

Allow me to present a clever (at least, in my opinion) little idea that can potentially solve your problems: the Wonderland RPG. How do you walk the walk of the Wonderland RPG? Well, it's a lot easier than it sounds. (A lot easier than an actual RPG at times, even!)

But first, some info:

  • Be prepared for any and all outcomes. Intrusive thoughts can be crafty. Be prepared to change tactics on the fly or even lose to it a few times. Just don't get discouraged.
  • This guide is best used before an intrusive thought appears. This guide is a bit long and will almost certainly require planning, so referring to this in the midst of a panic attack due to one showing up will likely not help you.
  • You'll need to form a place in your mind to put this. Despite me calling it the "Wonderland RPG", this does not have to take place in your wonderland. But it does have to take place somewhere, else this guide would be rather difficult.

Personal Preferences
  • Your skills of visualization must be of a decent level. What one defines as "decent" obviously varies, but if you can immerse yourself in a daydream and hold it for the duration of this guide, that's more than enough. You can even use old-school pixel art for this, if it helps.
    > Again, if you have difficulty visualizing for whatever reason, you may still follow this guide--just use the method in the section I mentioned above.
  • At least one tulpa should be sentient to some degree for this, and, if sentient enough, should also be willing to play the role of a party member. Now, I don't mind a party of guest NPCs, but I prefer your tulpa(s) be involved too. I bet you this will help them out a lot--they'll get to know you a good bit, that's for sure.

For Those That Can Visualize (the "Standard" Method)

1) Take a peek at your intrusive thought. Spy on it from afar. How troubling is it? How badly does it affect you and/or your tulpa(s)? This will determine what kind of enemy to view it as.

Note: Intrusive thoughts vary. These are just general ideas.
  • If it's a little annoying but not much of a threat, make it your average early game enemy, like the slimes from Dragon Quest or a Rattata from Pokemon. Not too much for a brand new player to handle.
  • If it's a strong one but you can shake it off for periods of time, you'll want some substantial gear and a good few healing items--you're about to go into a boss fight. Think of it as that one inescapable thing that newcomers to the game possibly grit their teeth at before turning the game off and resorting to guides. (Okay, that might be a bit much, but you get the idea.)
  • If it's debilitating enough that you just about can't ignore it at all, grab as many healing items as you can and your best gear, because you're about to take on the final boss. You're fighting the worst of them all, and you'll need to be all set for it. This is that last push you need to get through, the one enemy that stands between you and the ending. Arm yourself well.
  • Do NOT let it distract you! That's giving it what it wants. Just for this step, pretend you're hiding in the shadows, like a ninja or a spy, listening in for crucial information for your higher-up. Or something along those lines.

2) After spying on your intrusive thought, form a "safe spot" in another part of your setting, preferably far away from where your thought is. Fill it with the RPG standards: shops, an inn, maybe even some non-playable characters ("NPCs"). If you're defeated by the thought, this is where you and your party will return to after being defeated.
  • Remember that this is clearly a safe spot. The thought won't attack the town. Why? Well, you don't usually encounter RPG monsters in towns. Sure, you do in some games, but not here.
  • If you need to, put a force field of sorts around it or make up some reason for the thought not attacking your safe spot. Maybe there's a magical wizard that lives there that the thought knows can defeat it in one fell swoop. Maybe there's a guardian entity protecting the place. Maybe the thought has a degree of common sense? Whatever the case, just know with certainty that you can't be hurt here.
  • This should be common sense, but please don't fill your safe spot with NPCs that send you on quests. You'll want this thought out of here ASAP, surely.

And before you ask, you have infinite currency. Spend it on whatever you need to. Or splurge on it. It's your wonderland, not mine.

3) Decide on classes. Perhaps you're thinking about being a mage. Maybe your tulpa wants to be a warrior. And there's nothing wrong with having a healer in your party! Your imagination is the only limit here.
  • If you're feeling really creative, guest party members are a good option if you don't have the tulpa(s) to fill a full party. (If you want a full party in the first place, that is)
  • I personally recommend the RPG standard of four party members, but you can have a whole army if you want to. Again, your wonderland, not mine.

4) Start spending. You should know your thought inside and out by now. Get your gear and healing items. You're about to go on an intrusive thought hunt, and you're going to make sure it doesn't end well for them.
  • This is also a good chance to talk to any NPCs you may have put in your safe spot. Maybe they're just the usual NPCs that spout nonsense that doesn't matter, or maybe they know things about your thought that you didn't know before. Maybe they're just...there. Scary.

5) Open your inventory. Double-check your healing items and equip your party for battle. You can probably skip this step, but personally, I'm throwing it in to make it a true-to-genre experience.

6) All set? Head off towards that nasty thought of yours. Get your game face on.
  • Throwing in random encounters can be done, but I wouldn't do that personally. It would just slow you down.

7) Found that intrusive thought? Engage it in battle! Smack that thought into the nether the best you can!
  • I personally recommend the turn-based RPG method: you, the host, go first. Then the other party members do. Then the thought fights back. Rinse and repeat until the battle ends, be it in victory or defeat.
  • You can also make it a strategy RPG: one character moves/attacks per turn. Usually it's your party first, then the thought.

8) How did the battle go? Did you defeat it, or did it defeat you? Perhaps you won--congrats! Give your party members a pat on the back, maybe even go through the whole experience point thing. Perhaps the latter happened--in which case, your party should be at your safe spot somewhere. If you lost, don't worry--there is nothing wrong with trying again.
  • Please don't give up if you lose. Please. That's just sad. Your goal is to beat it, after all! That's what this guide is for.

9) [OPTIONAL] Evolve your story. You can easily stop at step 8 and call it a day. But maybe you want more out of this. In that case, partner up with your tulpa(s) to further the story. Maybe you defeated the final boss! Roll credits. Maybe that thought was a lackey of the real villain, and defeating it was just the beginning? Who knows...

For Those With Trouble Visualizing
Another disclaimer: I, personally, have no trouble with visualizing. Therefore, if you do have trouble visualizing and feel that this did not help you, let me know and I'll see about updating this section.

So, visualization isn't exactly your forte. Maybe you can't visualize at all. But you still want to use this guide. What to do? Just follow the same steps, but instead of visualizing, write it out! Make it your own personal story. This does change some things, though:
  • Can't visualize your intrusive thought? Maybe it has a certain feel to it that makes it feel like an intrusive thought, like an unnerving feeling. Note that feeling down, and equate it to one of the three descriptions above or something similar.
  • You can probably cut out the inventory step and RPG battle descriptions.
  • Making up a reason for why your safe spot is safe is preferred for this method. (Or you can just stick with RPG logic.)
  • Skip the NPCs in the safe spot if you feel like it.
  • Describe your setting to the best of your ability. Perhaps your safe spot is a quaint little medieval town, straight out of Dungeons and Dragons, or a modern-day city. Maybe that intrusive thought is hiding out in a dark forest that no one dares to enter, or a castle that looms over your setting. It could even be hiding somewhere as plain as an office building. Your call.

Some Tips
  • You don't have to follow this guide word-for-word. Be creative, and feel free to deviate! This guide uses a typical RPG setup.
  • Lacking inspiration? Google some pics from a RPG game. Or, even better, watch people play them on Youtube! The possibilities are near endless. (Miitopia is a good one, in my opinion.)
  • If you decide to write it out, don't be intimidated if you can't write well! No one said you had to post it on the internet for all to see.
  • Consider drawing your setting. If you can't, ask your tulpa(s) to help. Again, don't be intimidated if you can't draw well. (I can't draw too well either, haha.)
  • I know this may sound obvious, but take your time. Plan this out. This is a big guide, and also why I said to read this before an intrusive thought waltzes its way in. Video games have pause buttons. Intrusive thoughts do not.
  • I said it earlier and I'll say it again: there is nothing wrong with trying again if you fail. Just don't give up. Keep trying. You will beat this thought.

And that's that! Thanks for reading! My quintet of tulpas and I wish you well--now go teach that intrusive thought a lesson. Smile
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Quote:With that said, the tip I was given was simple: make it fun.
I think that sort of tip is a useful one for a lot of things in tulpamancy. However, with intrusive thoughts, I really think the main advice to give is to just learn to ignore it and let it fade out. Engaging it just makes it stay around longer, and treating it as anything more than something to ignore will only fuel the fire.

I think that this guide would be good for a forcing session or just something fun someone can do with their tulpa. I don't think this kind of advice should be given for dealing with intrusive thoughts. They're not some sort of mystical force that you have to fight against, it's just your brain doing something weird and it's best to shrug it off and move on. Treating intrusive thoughts as a real threat or god forbid sentient thoughtforms is what causes a lot of problems for a lot of systems. That's something I'd rather see avoided.

I think if you adapted this to a guide about just something fun you can do with your tulpa by creating some imaginary villain and fighting it would be cool and I'd be wiling to approve it. But I don't think this should be for dealing with intrusive thoughts, the best way to deal with intrusive thoughts is to just ignore them. If you remove the references to intrusive thoughts and just make it a general fun thing to do, I'd be willing to approve.
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