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[Misc] Tulpa Development Kit
This would be in the resources section, I think.

So, a while back I started programming a tulpa development kit for fun, and it got to the point where I thought it was pretty useful, so I considered sharing it. It wasn't finished at the time, and still isn't because I lost the source files thanks to an unforeseen issue, so it's got a few bugs, and there's a little bit of stuff that hasn't been finished yet(Namely the calendar, forcing ideas, and there's a broken guide in that section).

I'll post it here because it'd be a waste to get rid of the entire thing:

NOTE: This is a SUPPLEMENT, not a replacement! You're still going to need to do forcing and all that jazz. This is just a tool to HELP.

Lastly, I did say this was buggy and incomplete, so if the GAT doesn't like it, not much I can do. Just figured I'd put it up here for the hell of it, and as much as I'd like to finish it, I can't, so the bugs won't be fixed unless I start over.

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I'm using Linux, and it works fine under Wine.

The first problem I've had is when it asked for a picture, and I selected one, the program crashed. After that, when I clicked the "My Tulpa" button, it crashed again, because it's trying to load a picture that isn't there. I was able to install the picture manually by copying the jpeg to the folder where the program is looking for it.

It seems like the picture needs to be a certain ratio. When I put mine in, it squashed it down and it looks really bad. Maybe this is just because of the way that I installed it. Maybe there's a cropping or resizing option that I never got to see. For the record, if anyone else is having this problem, it seems that the picture needs to be Width: 257, Height: 273.

Some slashes seem to be missing. Or backslashes, I guess, since this is made for Windows. So instead of saving files inside the Program Files\TDK folder, it saves them in the Program Files folder, and starts them with TDK. Kinda quirky, but it seems to work as is, so it's not an issue.

The MP3s don't play for me inside the program, though I can get them to play outside of it just fine.

As to how this works as a tool, I suppose it's still pretty useful in spite of the bugs, but it will continue to get more and more out of date as time goes on. I'm tempted to clone it so that we can fix some of this stuff, make it modular, and everything.
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Hey, if you've got a way of duplicating or recreating any part of this, and you want to, be my guest. I'll help in any way I can.
This looks very interesting. What did you use to make it? It honestly felt like I was installing a program from a decade ago. That is, that the appearance of the installer looked very old.

I might suggest support for multiple tulpas as well, knowing some people out there have more than one.

I would suggest, rather than an installed program, something such as an online service. Like you go to the homepage, log in and everything you had in your program would be on the page(s). Simple HTML and PHP, depending on what you would use. I had a web design class a couple semesters ago and an SQL class last semester. Throw in some nifty graphics and designs and you have yourself a wonderful aid in tulpamancing.

If it was a web-based system, you could have access to it from anywhere, including on devices that arent necessarily running Windows OS'es. Same thing could be accessed on an iPod as on a Windows desktop. Not to mention it would require no installation. With an installation, people have to manually update it to get new features. With an online system, the features could be released at any time. You could have direct links to forums such as these and the resources herein.

Heck, you could piece it together on github too.

There is so much that could be done with this concept. This would be interesting to see happen.
(01-05-2015, 12:55 AM)ccrh Wrote: This looks very interesting. What did you use to make it? It honestly felt like I was installing a program from a decade ago. That is, that the appearance of the installer looked very old.

It pretty much is, the language, Visual Basic '06, is 9 years old. I took a class on it last year, so it was the one I was most fluent in at the time. I'm learning others right now, but the web based system seems interesting, so I'll look into that, too. Thanks for the ideas.

Also, welcome to the forums I suppose.
Best of luck in your endeavors. Need any help, post about it here. I have a bit of free time.

Thanks, I suppose.
I was thinking something similar. Perhaps flash, which could make it either web-based or locally stored. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about flash to do it myself. If I did this, it would have to be a strictly offline application.
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I was going to work on something like this ages ago and didn't finish it. I think someone on reddit ported it to a web based version. Might help to look into that, Ralis. I'll let you know if I can dig it up.
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Awesome, thanks Thunder.

I sort of like the concept, but this program needs a lot of work before I would consider it useful enough to keep using. The forcing log and forcing schedule should be rolled up into one unit, if you ask me. A sort of diary that you could navigate easily, rather than with manual date adding and just a basic list of entries would be better, I'd say. You need a more user friendly interface too.

Some other things I noticed:
-Dates don't show in the my tulpa window:
-The forcing ideas window opens again in a selectable field if you close it.
-These popups seem redundant:
-This happens if I try to read an entry, and the program closes afterwards:

I suppose a web interface or even a mobile app would be better for this in general, and it would add the possibility for having social elements.

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