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[Misc] Tulpamancy Glossary
Most dictionaries are still going to use words in definitions that haven't been defined yet themselves. It wouldn't make sense to change their order.

I added the word "separate" to the definition of thoughtform. The definition says that they can perform tasks, not that they necessarily do. 
Besides, just floating around or something could still be considered a task :P

Servitors aren't tulpas because servitors aren't sentient. Thoughtforms like servitors can exhibit "apparent" sentience, but that doesn't make them actually sentient.
I don't see anywhere in that definition where it doesn't imply that sentience is required for a tulpa. Maybe you misread?
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(09-23-2018, 06:16 PM)Apollo Wrote: Maybe you misread?

That seems to be exactly what happened. Sorry about that.
Overall, quality resource that I would happily point someone to for definitions. Approved.
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