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[Misc] Tulpas and creativity
Just out if curiosity, how many of you are the "creative" types?

I'm curious if there is a correlation between tulpas and creative brains.

Like I'm a writer. I write fiction novels.

Now it's your turn. Are you creative? Are you about as creative as a rock? What do you do that you consider to be artistic?

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To be perfectly honest I've always been a creative type, but in a sense that isn't really traditional creativity. I'm a writer and artist but I'm aspiring to be a doctor, probably a pathologist or something similar. I really like science and math but I'm also really "artsy" at the same time. It helps the tulpa creating process and tulpamancer in general to be a creative thinker, in my opinion.
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I am definitely the creative type! I've always been, but considering my body sucks -so- hard that I can't even hold a 9 to 5 job, I need to hone my creativity into something that can make me money.

So, I am a creative by design, -and- necessity! Double threat! WOO! That being said... I need to go write things...
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I am an artist and this helped me early on in the process, but ironically I'm too stubborn to draw her until I increase my skills. I'm doing a lot of training under a mentor right now and I don't want to disgrace her beauty with my subpar skills at the moment.
I am a aspiring writer myself, working on a novel and such, and I have 14 tulpas, as far as I can tell. I don't know if there is a connection, but it wouldn't surprise me.
Hi, I'm here to break the pattern, I am not a creative type, I don't write nor draw nor do anything else even remotely related to creativity, I own a business and pay other people to design my products, I don't even imagine the setting while I read a book (and I don't really read much fiction).

The only thing I can think of is that I'm really good at visualizing in my mind, not something I practiced or anything, in fact I thought everyone could visualize as good as me until I started meditation and I learned while talking with other beginners that most had difficulties visualizing things while I could not only visualize but "touch" and "smell" things too (I assume you understand what I'm referring to).
I understand completely. It's almost hard for me to grasp that some people can't visualize the way I do. When I imagine Toby he's just about as real as a living breathing person in my mind. I can smell him, feel him and without much trouble at all.
I've tried tons of different artistic subjects. I focus in digital art and do that everyday, but I've tried clay, music, sowing, and traditional painting. I also like to type short stories and sometimes fanfiction (when I like something enough).
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Hello fellow fiction writer. I consider myself creative, sometimes I can be creative in most macabre ways while sometimes I can be creative in the most beatiful ways. But sometimes my brain decides to be a fegget and does nothing.
I say everything can be artistic as long as you look at it from the right perspective.

I create 3D renders, write my own stories, or ones about colorful cartoon horses, compose music (I'm always deleting before finishing), program video games (I'm going to abandon anyway), design web-pages (I'll never make). So yeah, I do a lot of stuff, maybe that's why I got a bit of kickstart about Martina.

EDIT: About what is artistic... everything that meet someone's (other than the artist's) standars to call it "Art".

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