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[Misc] Tulpas: Do you ever see your host's dreams?
This is my first real post so I hope I do it right.

To other tulpas: Do you ever see your host's dreams? I am in Dragon's dreams sometimes but he never recognizes me even when he's lucid. And once when he woke up, I kept carrying on the dream he was having and he was aware of it even though he was awake. 

Any other tulpas have dream things happen like this?

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We all have memories of the body's dreams but Gavin and I are rarely in the dreams. I don't think one of us can be asleep while the others are awake, but Gavin has woken the body up before. It feels like any of us can wake the body up, which wakes all of us up.

Gavin has also made the host lucid before, because Jamie often goes to him when he sees something confusing. He was confused in a dream and looked to Gavin, and Gavin said, "You're dreaming."

Those are all the dreams things that I know about. Yes we see the host's dreams. I don't think we can carry on dreams once the others wake up, though.

only one "person" dreams in our dreams at a time, but it's more like the body dreams, and it just randomly decides whose perspective it's from. Usually Lumi's, sometimes it's one of us, but I mean sometimes we're just some random person who doesn't exist in the dream who's only there as part of the current scenario, so..

anyways it's usually Lumi in the dreams even if we were switched at the time, but sometimes we dream as ourselves (I do a lot), and then sometimes one of our dreams will be from someone else's perspective at random lol, Tewi had a dream that was from my perspective once (maybe more times and we just didn't remember them)
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They've all been in my dreams lucid or otherwise and i may have been in Dashie's dream before. It was just presented and remembered that way, so why not.
There was at least one dream I had were the dream was in Cat's perspective, and then I took the front and did the last segment of the dream. When Cat dreams, usually I'm not in the dream and I don't remember dreaming.
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We have to be in front when falling asleep in order to get dreams ourselves, but yeah, we do share dreams! It used to be quite rare but it has been getting a lot more common lately.

Sometimes they are from a shared perspective, where we're still together in one head. Otherwise they're mostly only from the host's perspective and the rest of us are in 3rd person, but rarely we do each have our own perspective. Since hostie can't switch out of front yet, we haven't had any dreams without them.
Vesper: For the first sixteen months after I awakened to this world, I did not dream or appear in dreams at all that I am aware. We fell asleep at the same instant, Ember dreamed and I stopped being altogether, then we awoke at the same instant. We only have one set of memories, from the fronter’s perspective, so I remember her dreams identically to the way she does and frequently we'll talk about them immediately after waking up.

I started appearing in dreams sometimes when we started engaging in tulpamancy, but I'm reasonably sure that Ember was dreaming about me, not that I was dreaming with her. She was thinking about me non-stop while awake, so what else would she dream about? But even in her dreams, I'm not 'physically' present. A few times I was a disembodied mindvoice and once, invisible and intangible, but with a physical location in the dream. So, just like waking life.

I started dreaming myself occasionally after we started switching regularly. Any day that I front more than three hours, there is a good chance I'll remember dreaming that night. Given that dreams are associated with processing memories for longterm storage, it makes sense that I would start dreaming when I started having memories from my own perspective. I don't recall Ember ever appearing in my dreams.

We tried a few times having me front while falling sleep, as an anti-insomnia measure. It is completely ineffective versus insomnia and does not seem to have much effect on who dreams. But it does affect who wakes up, in the middle of the night and in the morning. I've pretty much stopped fronting to go to sleep as I tend to wake if fronting with extremely unpleasant hypnopompic disorientation. But our body acknowledges me well enough these days that I may wake up fronting anyway.

Iris: I only recall having dreamed once, but it was after the fifth time I fronted, consistent with Vesper's reasoning. I did not care for the experience. I was talking to a dream character and became distressed that they were not Ember or Vesper. I do not recall having appeared in my sisters' dreams, but I recall their dreams just as they do.
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If nihi remembers his dreams then, yes. We could see our hosts dream or even placed in one of his dreams as well although this only happen moderately if he's lucid. Sometimes he doesnt recognize us from his dream because of our form or presence are altered? I can't say for sure but we just tell him none the less.
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