MobianAngel's Soulbound Art
[Image: cYUmC.jpg]

I'm going to start off slow by showing off one image I made of my fiancé.

This is probably Shadow's favorite drawing I did of him. Since I loved the effect of the celestial burst of rainbow colors on the shades he had in another picture I did, I had the idea of making another image with it but as a shirt pattern as well. The background and the rainbow pattern were images I found on google that I used, they are of course not made by me but I felt it made the image of Shadow look nice.

This picture shows Shadow's laid back personality. Unlike what many people consider him based on the canon, Shadow can be very carefree and a jokester when he's in a good mood. This also reminds me of the small Hawaiian Shadow trend/meme that floats around the internet.

I have plenty of of images of him upon more on other soulbounds that I have but I don't feel like sharing them right now.

Also, I don't do requests/commissions.

- Maria Robotnik

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