Multi-Tulpas and Unconcious Tulpas
A bit of a nebulous question, but I am curious if anyone here has, knows of, or has links to, experiences involving either of the following phenomenon:

Multiple Tulpa created, either simultaneously (at once) or in series, within a VERY short period of time of each other.  Advanced user perhaps or other phenom explanations?

Is it possible to create a Tulpa unconciously, without direct cognitive knowledge of the event?

And lastly, is it possible for a Tulpa to, itself, create a Tulpa?  If yes or no, why?  Any stories/information as to this?

Not really looking for debate, just input.  I'm amassing data at this point.  I am a sink-or-swim mass-researcher type, so I work best when literally or figuratively heaped with piles of books, papers, etc. to pore over and analyze.  So don't feel discouraged to reply, I have no intention of judging or cataloguing anyone, only the data.

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