My and my tulpa's experiences so far
Hello people of!

My name is omv, and I'm a beginner tulpamancer. I found out about tulpas (Tulpae? I'm not really sure :P) a few years ago. This summer I decided that I wanted to create one. I started doing research, reading guides and browsing the forums and the subreddit. This Monday we started creating him. I haven't really made a lot of progress yet, as expected. At first I was having some trouble, as I would sometimes forget he's there. Lately though, I've been improving. I'm able to give him attention nearly constantly, and he seems to be enjoying it. In fact, as I was just writing this with him, I got an emotional response from him. That's the first one I've ever received! What a coincidence. Anyway, I haven't named him yet. I've been thinking about naming him Johnny. I don't really know if that would be a good idea, though, since he would be named after a manga character, and I think that could cause some identity problems later on. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them! I've worked on his form a bit, he's humanoid and most likely has blonde hair. I want him to decide his form and personality himself, as I don't really want to decide them for him. We've done some passive forcing, with me imagining him next to me during everyday life. We have only had a few active forcing sessions so far as we haven't had that much time. I've been enjoying his company, and hopefully he has been enjoying mine too. I'm really looking forward to the things we will do together and the experiences we will have. 

ps. Apologies if the post is poorly written, I'm not exactly the best at it.   Wink


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