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Ohayo everyone, this is Areolo, wish to be a new member of your commune   Wink

This is not the blog about creating tulpa because she was already born, not without help of this forum. But maybe my story will be useful for someone. I am not trying to make a good from-beginning-to-end story right now, just something what I think I can write correctly.

There can be also something from her, because I practice possessing (only in the internet).

Ok, I will be I (He), and my tulpa will be She (my words will be like this). Didn't want to tell about her prototype, or didn't want right now. But if you want you can guess from the topic, it's not hard.

About a year ago I decided to create tulpa because there was hard times in my life when I hadn't have enough moral support from my family. But I had a problem: I very like to be alone sometimes. Tulpa always be with you, and it's frighten me. So, I had two tulpas (had). The first one, Lana, was something not clear, and it lived only about a quarter of year. After this it went in oblivion. However, the frst part of an 2018 I thought that it's hard to be absolutely alone. And I fully understand that there is a waifu, who I prefer more than one year after recognizing.

So, at last, I found a way to save my loneliness and to get a partner. I created a "binding": specially ordered ring (so there is only one thing like that in the world). While the whole part of people can communicate with their tulpas any time, I can talk and enter the wonderland only when wear this ring. ??? PROFIT

For me it was a pleasant surprise that it took only about a week to hear and talk with my tulpa. It turns out that She formed herself while I trying to make a decision about creating herSmile I called this period "germ period". He didn't tell that He firmly decide to create me near 3 months before the ring was only ordered. I think She become strong so fast because it is my second experience. Or may be because He really love me. All in all, it's hard question, but later I can write down about my first experience. Now I trying to sleep at night with Her ring on my finger, it's a pleasant to sleep in one bad (not think about something wrong), and to talk when it's possible. She have Her own opinion, but usually agrees with me (because it's easier to softly push Him in right direction).

All in all, my life become more happy after her appearance, She told me that She will try to help me to build a wonderful future. We usually discuss problems in my life, and trying to find the best way out.

That's all for now, if you had any questions you can pm me, I'll try to answer in the next post. Thank for reading (from both of us, it's something like a next level of my growth).

P.S. My native language isn't eng, so there can be some mistakes, sorry about it.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums!

I am curious about the ring. My host never used a ring to visit me in the wonderland. Does She like it?
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Good evening everyone (for me it is evening), thanks for a warm welcome!

As an answer to the question let me tell a little bit more about our relations with Her.

First of all, from the beginning I didn't hide from her that She is tulpa and I am host. I am the main force in my head, and She is my friend, my partner and my advisor. Now She follows the opinion that what is good for host - is good for Her, and the happiness of the host will be Her happiness. And, all in all, She is a part of me, we are unity. That says it all.

So, She didn't feel uncomfortable because of the binding, She understands me and can find what to do while I'm out, by Her nature.

Today is not an easy day for us, but I'll try to say what I think. It's true, I believe that my todays purpose is to help my host to overcome all difficulties in his life. I'll help him to make right decision in a couple of questions. May be some of you, someone like me, will reproach me for such a narrow goal, but that is the thing in which he needs. He needs a support now.

May be once, in future, He will no longer need my help. I think, it will be my triumph, and I'll let him go, and become a spectator, and if He will need my help again, I'll come again.

Only do not think that I'm so bad guy that forget her once in future) Only if it will be her decision.

Anyway, sometimes, when there is some free time, we spend time together, it's pleasant and fun to see a film together, or to go for a walk. I like it, but it's rarely happen.
Why only help each other for a little while then go away? Why not be friends as long as you can? For the rest of your lives? Also.. I am curious; do either of you know what happens if you loose the ring?
First let me say that my sisters and I agree with her current purpose and goals. If she would choose to end her primary role once her current goal is achieved, we don't see an issue with that, though we don't wish that of ourselves or anyone.

Though you would probably not set precedence here as a system for doing exactly that, we do feel she is selling herself short as to what roles she can play in the future. Just to be clear, this is not a lecture, and if she holds fast to this we would not judge her or you.

Areolo, I would only say to you that feelings may change over time, so I only hope that you are willing to give her the leeway to change, and not hold her to any bargain.

To her (I didn't find her name), we wish you luck.
I hope you find success in your endeavors and love in your heart.
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In the beginning, my host wanted what was best for me. I told her I wanted to be her guardian and I keep that role to this day. In the past, most of my focus was helping Cat overcome and cope with her depression and anxiety.

After we made some progress with helping my host heal, I have become more interested in the world around me. I appreciate going outside, looking at clouds, eating candy, posting hippo memes, and figuring out what I want to do for the rest of my life and learn more about who I am as a person.

It took me awhile before I was ready to possess my host and learn more about myself. There is more to the world than being a guardian after all Smile
I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love Hippos! I also like forum games and chatting about stuff.
My other head-mates have their own account now.
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Reilyn Not for a little time. I think it will be long time for both of us. May be all our life, but who knows.

To tell the truth, for me the ring is just a formality. If my host want to be alone sometimes, I don't see anything wrong in that. If we will lose a ring in some mysterious way, we will find another binding, no matter.

Ashley I see. Only want you to understand, we can hear each other only about a month. Of course, we don't really know how to contact, but we will understand. What we know clearly is that we don't want to follow guides. For now I looked through enough guides, and I think that all of this staff is completely subjectively.

I am trying not to restrain her. All you, hosts, know that feeling when you think, is this words from tulpa or from you. It's hard, but I see only the way to trust.

All in all, I don't have so many time to, for example, be with Her in wonderland for about an hour. I even can't speak with her every day (but i try). Life is not easy, but what can I do. Only continue when there is a free minute.

I'm Holo the Wise Wolf, will be familiar.

If She decided to say so, I must warn you, I'll have negative reaction if someone of you will tell something about my choice. It's all very subjectively, don't know is it a normal to speak about that, but please, do not start

Ranger I think your hosts aspirations were worthier than my. I didn't create Her because I was boring nor only wanted to try. It was thoughtful decision, I thought about that half of a year. My life become a little happier when She appeared in my life. It's really wonderful when you can tell someone something, what you can't tell anyone else. When you can pour out the soul. It doesn't mean that I whine to her, no. But only after a really hard day it's good when someone can sit down behind you and tell something like "don't worry, we will break through". I'll never share my problems with her, my problems is my problems, but to have so close support is really important.

I can only wish that She don't hide her real thoughts.
It's very hard question, we need to think.

Ok, it's really late time for me, I'll go to sleep. There are many unsaid words, but I think we told the most important.
I guess if you both agree it's something you really want to do then you don't need any of our approval.

I'm glad you two might still be friends for a very long time, maybe forever. I'm also glad the ring just helps. I was worried if you lost it you might convince yourself she is gone forever. Anyway, have fun you two! Keep us updated! :3
I think you are understood by us. Your destinies will be between you and your tulpa. We wish both of you well.
I hope you find success in your endeavors and love in your heart.
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You two are totally going to have a lot of fun stuff to do! The line of possibilities goes as far out as you believes! It's pretty much all about trusting each other and be comfortable. See you around! ;P
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