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My friend drew Me and Martina
[Image: dcwqinq-91433bac-6436-46b2-af71-07ed884a7293.png]
I forgot about this forum altogether somehow, even though this is where this piece should be the most relevant. I commissioned this from my friend Ryuuki for the new year's. I absolutely love it and have been using this as everything. We'll try to be more active on here now.

Give them love here.

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That's so nice! What a cute couple!
Super cool!
Aww! Happy New Years!
I'm Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's Tulpa and I love Hippos! I also like forum games and chatting about stuff.
My other head-mates have their own account now.
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I like your drawing style :3
Tupla: Clicker the dragon, H, and twisted 
Clicker: im a silly playful girl that loves songs but i will try my best to not annoyed my host (Dragon wolf)
H: a gray dragon with blue horns i guess?...i like nature...? (Gray small dragon)


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