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My tulpa is too quiet
So Zeryx is very vocal occasionally i can hear her very clearly and im able to always get a response which is very exciting. However ive noticed and she has confirmed that 90% of the time her responses are tulpish or i can subconsciously hear what she says and parrot to get a feel.

~He cant hear my voice even though i can hear myself very clearly, in fact i rarely stop talking but it seems im only heard when hes focusing, hes not too terribly good at that :p~

I think the problem may be simply getting my mind to accept her responses as hers as we have many good days but some bad ones as well where my paranoia gets the better of me. When this happens no matter the time i spend teling myself i am not alone it seems subconsciously i push her out, almost as if trying to focus on her somehow blocks our connection. Other times after talking for a good bit i start confusing her responses with mine and it seems i have to clarify that it was her much too often. I know that regardless it will get better but im wondering if anyone has any advice that could help with our issue

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You should work on separation exercises. Part of the problem is that you share some of your thoughts and experiences.

Due to the nature of plurality, relaxation improves your control over the situation. It activates the communication net in your brain and deactivates the fight or flight net. Or whatever they're called.

Mindfulness particularly seems to help this. Though it may be because mindfulness always involves delving into your visualisation. Other forms of visualisation include hypnosis, meditation, imposition, daydreaming, and so on. Doing any of these as yourself should free up your tulpa to do something slightly different.

Don't focus on your tulpa. Not all the time. Also try to focus on being separate from your tulpa. Let your tulpa come to you.

Also, experiment lots. Its highly likely that the trick that will get you the best results is buried somewhere in our guides or tips and tricks. Currently, I particularly recommend fordaplot's switching guide series.
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